Saturday, 10 July 2010

Who neeeds the BNP when we have the Tabloids

Non-story about local pool forces journalism black out

 I first heard of this story on the satirical BBC Radio 4 show the Now Show and therefore looked up on Tabloid watch. for further information on Please use the link to check this out because they deserve the credit and for me to simply cut & paste the story from their blog would be just doing what all the Tabloids did with the original story.
What I would like to comment on is firstly the sheer hypocrisy of these Tabloids who would just have easily supported moves to cover up the windows in order to prevent Paedophiles looking in, You could picture the headline now.

But it is the sheer racist overtones of this coverage.The Sun presented the Story along with a picture of someone in a Burka relying on negative stereotypes to support their claim.

All the Tabloids claimed to be delighted that the BNP were defeated soundly in the last General Election but with such journalism there is no need for the BNP to ent their spleen the British media is doing the job for them.

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