Sunday, 18 July 2010

Let's go fly a kite.

There have been a number of proposals from the Con-Lib government which appear to be Kite Flying. Seeing what the public reaction is before implementing them or quietly dropping them Since most of these only affect England they have not had a great affect on the Welsh blogosphere. But they are of interest and point to a major shift in emphasis between England and the dissolved governments.

Former Saint, now business secretary Vince Cable has suggested a graduate tax could be introduced to make students in England repay the cost of their higher education.

Interestingly no one has commented on the fact that if an aspect of taxation could be implemented in England then this would surely validate the Holtam Commission’s proposal for the Welsh Assembly to have Tax raising powers.


Transport Secretary Philip Hammond, mutes the idea that.

The age at which people in England get a free bus pass could go up from 60 to 65 sooner than previously planned, as one of the ideas being put forward by the Department for Transport to help cut public spending.

Again this is an England only proposal the Bus Pass in England is administrated by local authorities whereas in Wales it is by the Assembly. So this might be easier to implement in England where some councils who have high number of visitors from other authorities claim they at loosing out: But it would a brave party in Wales to put this in their 2011 manifesto. But if this Con-Lib policy in England I wouldd love to know  Nick Bourne 's and La Pasionaria's viewpoint or even Peter Black's.

However this proposal does affect us.
Tory Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has joined in by accusing the Beeb for "extraordinary and outrageous" waste - and said the annual £145.50 fee could "absolutely" fall next year.

Of course the Tories have to do something to appease Rupert Murdoch and this is probably the first step,

If it’s implemented because at the moment all these proposals are merely testing the water to see what the public reaction The last government were bad enough with the use of focus groups . This one seems to be basing policy on letters to the Editor.

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