Friday, 9 July 2010

An Equal Union?

There has been much speculation that the Con-Lib government has plans to reduce the number of Welsh MP from 40 to 30 as part of plans to reduce the number of MPs in the UK.The idea is to equalize the number of electors each Constituency holds across the UK though some concession may be given to rural areas.

The reduction of Welsh MPs has also become necessary, it has been argued because Devolution means that there is no need for Wales to have a higher number of electors needed in each constituency than in England.

This has already been done in Scotland where after the creation of the Scottish Parliament saw the number of members reduced from 72 to 59 in 2005.

I have always thought the Scots were mistaken in not resisting the cut in their MPs and hope those in Wales do not follow suit.

Of course I personally would be all too happy to see the day when we send zero MPs to Westminster but as we do. Shouldn’t we have more MPs rather than less?

If the UK is the Union which is so beloved of the London Parties then why not has a Union of equals?

The EU for examples “weights” the membership of its Parliament so Countries wit large population do not completely dominate: And of course in Commission where the real power is the. There is one Commissioner per member of the 27 states.

Taking in to account that there is only one Tory in Scotland and the dominance of Labour in Wales It is is clear that we have different values to that of predominately Tory England.

If we accept the equal members of the Union therefore the membership of the Commons should perhaps in reality resemble this.

England……………350 MPs

Scotland…………...200 MPs

Wales……………...100 MPs

Northern Ireland…...50 MPs

I doubt the war in Afghanistan would have happened in this case.

This would mean no one member of the Union would completely dominate the Commons.
I doubt than any Unionist would agree with this proposal and Nationalist would treat it as a sop. But I believe this exposes the whole unionist argument.

We are either equal members of your Union or not. If we are treat us as equal Nations if not let us leave.

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