Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Anghard Mair: A voice the needs to be heared.

Click on Wales caries two related posts the first is of Anghard Mair ‘s Lewis Valentine Annual Memorial Lecture at Bethel Chapel, Llanelli yesterday (13 July 2010). And a probably unnecessary comment and summary by John Osmond. In her lecture Angharad  (which needs  much greater coverage) condemns the use of West Wales for the development and testing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – UAVs . These are in realty the sort of robot drones used to attack and destroy targets from a distance.

As Angharad far more eloquently than I could points out the morality of these unmanned drones is highly questionable and the support that a Welsh Assembly government that contains Plaid Cymru Ministers disturbing.

Of course it will be argued that Angharad with no responsibility to the electorate can easily condemn such actions. Not having to answer by a fighting an election on the subject of the morality of War when ythe opposition will condemn you for costing jobs and putting the countries defenses at risk.

With the power of the media these days the military/industrial complex who have an interest in increasing hostilities throughout the World in order to justify such expenditure on such horrific weapons has grown so that it is difficult foe any elected politician (or seeker of office) to speak out in opposition..

This was the case over the plans for ST Athen where claims that the proposed  new academy will create up to 5000 jobs with a £14Billion investment over 25years with an estimated 57.4 million pound spend into the local economy.

This led to certain reluctance on some Plaid politicians (and others) to oppose these plans.

I’m lucky that I have no political ambition an am free to speak my own mind and not revert to weasel word or hypocrisy to defend an action which I do not actually agree with. Or behave like opposition groups who condemn for the sake of opposition.

I remember when the Lib-Dems who up to the outbreak of the Afghan War were vocal in their opposition suddenly went silent when it started knowing full well how they would be treated by the media.

Therefore it is easy for me to speak out but the time has come for our elected politicians to speak out against the whole military/industrial complex, because if they do not join in the voices such as Angharad Mair then the time will come when it is to late and the forces of war will extinguish all opposition.

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