Thursday, 29 July 2010

Are you a "Numper"?

“Can’t do that sir .You’ve got to support your team sir”

“But you just said they weren’t doing well.”

“Having a poor patch at the moment sir”

“Ah, then I expect you will want to support our tem, which will be very good indeed!”

“Can’t do that sir. You’ve got to support your tem, sit”

“But you just said they weren’t doing well”.

“That’s when you support your tem, sir Otherwise you’re a numper.”

“A Numper being….? Said Ridcully.

“He’s some one who’s all cheering when things are going well, and then runs off to another team when there’s a loosing streak. They always shouts the loudest”.

Terry Pratchett Unseen Academicals p 132 (Doubleday)”

Yesterday I entered into a discussion (some might call it a spat) with Steph Ashley on her Dib lemming Blog (A good Blog worth looking at). I must admit to being harsh with her. She does actually seem to be honestly trying to fight for the old left liberal cause.

However what she must understand that being a member of a political Party is not the same as supporting a football or rugby team. True there will allways  be "Numpers” but for the real members there is a huge difference.

When you support a sports team you my disagree with the managers team selection, or tactics and still have no problem cheering them on.

You can’t do this in a political party because at some stage you have to ask yourself .

“To what extent can I carry on supporting a party that carries out policies I can’t support”.

Then you have to decide that it’s no longer your party and its time to go..

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