Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A new Homage to Catalonia".

News that the Catalonian government have voted to end Bull Fighting in the “Region” is most welcomed but it is a pity the BBC report of this adds

But while the official debate is over animal rights, many believe this process is an attempt by nationalist-minded Catalans to mark their difference from the rest of Spain by rejecting one of its best known traditions”.

The BBC of course gave tacit support to National movements if they were part of the old Soviet Union but any move by other “Regions”  in Europe are treated negatively even when those regions pass progressive policies.

Although the Welsh Assembly move to abolish charging for parking in Welsh Hospitals was not on the same scale. The same snide reporting came from the BBC in London.

It seems that the establishment in London are in cahoots with the establishment in Madrid. Why am I not surprised?

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