Tuesday, 20 July 2010

True Wales and its Labour Supporters.

 One of the interesting things that occurred to me after my last Post on Kite Flying was that nearly all the proposals were only relevant to England.

This true of course of the proposals by the Con-Lib plans for reorganising (eventual privatisation?) of hr Education and Health service in England.

Let us be clear if in 1997 we had not voted for the establishment of the Welsh Assembly then all of these proposals which are all Tory (with the Lib-Dems be subservient) would be applied to Wales.

So where does this place those in True Wales (Rachel Banner and Nigel Dix come to mind) who are Labour supporters?

Would they prefer that we in Wales should be subject to the sort of “Reforms” coming from the Con-Lib government, If they do why not simply join the Conservative and Unionist Party (as it was).

The assembly has it faults but the so does every legislature but you can only look at the article by Rachel Banner at Wales Home on December 4th to realise that she a supposed Labour member prefers to be run by Tories in Westminster.

The English proposals which are the ideology of elites which Rachel Banner (Queen Mary College, University of London, Jesus College, Oxford and Cardiff University) accuses the Assembly of being an elite.

Nigel Dix, the newly elected Labour Councillor for Caerphily also seems to be a believer that Wales should be run entirely from Westminster does he hate Plaid to such an extent that he would sacrifice Wales to the Rightwing. Unionist, Freemarket ideology of his True Wales colleague Monmouth MP David Davies?

Can  Rachel & Nigel , and any other Labour supporter of True Wales (many of who want to abolish the Assembly). really back an organization which is little more than a Tory front that would like the likes of Michael Grove run education in Wales.

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