Monday, 9 August 2010

We must remember Social Houses are Homes.

Having just returned from a weeks Holiday. I’ve been perusing my fellow bloggers contribution over the last week and came across this on Steph Ashely’s Dib Lemming Blog.

I must admit that I was surprised at her apparent support for David Cameron suggestion that council houses should no longer be granted "for life" , Claiming that this would make sure those in most need can access accommodation.

It seems that most of her Lib Dem colleagues disagree with her view that This " would clear up Thatcher’s mess.”

Steph Ashley starts of well enough pointing out that effect that Thatcher’s policy off selling Council Houses through the Right to Buy scheme but how can she possibly see Cameron’s policy fixing this?

What Cameron proposal would do is create the idea that social housing is for those who are poor and who will remain poor. It is typical of his Big Society Con.

It will increase the pressure on long term tenants to buy their houses because the alternative would be to be evicted from (and this important) what they regard as their HOMES. Yes their Homes, in which they have lived for perhaps all their married life, brought up their children and made investment in as much as anyone who own their own house in the private sector.

Step says that she would be quite willing to move to smaller accommodation if her circumstances change. But would she feel the same after 10 or 20 years after she has come to regard where she lives as a Home?

She also writes that

“Even the ones who don't buy their council or housing association home to pass on as an inheritance to their kids, will stay in them long after their needs have adjusted without a thought to whether they are affecting someone else's life”

Yes she has a point; But I also know of many cases where young people who have been living in a council house all their lives and on the death of parent have been given just a few weeks to vacate what they have always regarded as they Home. This adds to their already distress and is appalling  unsympathetic treatment.

I don’t know how many people who can afford to purchase their own Homes there are lining due to the Con-lib Dem government's cuts and its failure to address the Bank's loan policy. the numbers will grow much fewer and Cameron’s plans will make things worse and reduce the Social Housing stock.

We actually own some Bank's why not turn Northern Rock into a nationalised bank that provided Mortgages on a reasonable rate to those who are on low income?

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