Thursday, 19 August 2010

Freedom or Subordinate Central

 About a month ago Insidious Produced this brilliant critique
 of Subordinate Central. I hope they don't mind if I reproduce it because it needs a further airing because of recent events.
Insidious' Guide to Subordinate Central
 A recent posting on the Subordinate Centre Blog entitled.
"Minister rebuffed on Alcohol" which was a comment  on Wales Office Minister David Jones intervention to rule out  a transfer of powers over the the licensing of alcohol has led to a number of comments from other bloggers including  BorthlasSyniadaujaxxland and Ramblings.

Now you could argue  that We are the usual suspects in our criticism of "Subordinate Central" but the extraordinary thing is the reaction of Peter Black.

In a number of the Blogs he has posted the same comment.which I will save him some time in repeating below.

 "What is bizarre is how the neutral reporting of a story by an independent though Lib Dem inclined blog is taken as a sign of party policy. Official Lib Dem policy is to devolve justice powers to the Assembly along with administrative control of police and prisons. Licensing would be included in that package. We cannot do Edwina's bidding via an LCO as she well know because licensing falls outwith the 22 areas of competence in the 2006 Act".

Strangely (Perhaps because it is a Plaid Blog and in a similar position) Rambling somewhat accepts Peter's claim that Subordinate Centre is "Independent Blog".
But you only have to look at it, to realise that the main contributors are the Lib-Dem Am's (all 5 of them). Only yesterday there was a post by La Passionaria  on the first 100 days of the coalition.and as I pointed out in my post on Welsh Party Websites it seems at times  to have more official  press releases than the official Welsh Lib-Dem website.

But for a supposedly  for a Independent blog can anybody tell me when a Lib-Dem supporter posted a a piece contrary to  the party leadership?.

If Subordinate Center caries on in its present guise then I'm afraid that Peter Black and the rest of the Lib-Dems must take some responsibility for the posts and the criticism that goes with it.


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