Saturday, 28 August 2010

Who Agrees with Nick now? Not Welsh voters it seems.

During the so called leaders debate leaders debate one phrase was prominent and that was of course

“I agree with Nick”

But it was not long before it was Nick saying

“I agree with Dave”

The Lib-Dems chose to enter I coalition with the Tories and proceeded to drop or water down many of the proposals that people were agreeing with Nick on that Subordinate Central were able to boast that opinion polls just weeks before the general election put them on 29% in Wales,

There seems to be no mention of the recent Yougov Poll on intentions at the Welsh Assembly Elections (lets call it the Senedd if we win the referendum) which puts them on 10% on the Constituency vote and 9% on the regional vote.

But it is in Mid Wales that they vote has collapsed in 2007 the vote were

Mid and West Wales

            Constituency      Region
Lab… 19.2%               18 .4%

Con …23.1%              22.9%

Plaid…35.7%             31.0%

LD…..20.1 %           13.3%

Others 1.9%                14.4%

Latest Yougov Poll
            Constituency   Region
Lab….31%              34%

Con …21%             23%

LD ….9%              6%

Plaid ...34%            31%

Others .6%              6%

ere must be concern by the Liberal Democrats they won Two of the eight constituency seats last time (Montgomery and Brecon and Radnorshire) and hold two of these seats (Ceredigion and Brecon and Radnorshire) at Westminster) on this poll even La Pasionaria‘s majority of 5,354 (18.6%) looks dodgy.
Of course this is one Poll and there a long way to go but it does explain the silence at Subordinate Central and perhaps the silence over the Institute of Fiscal Studies report that the last Budget was regressive.

Peter Black yesterday made a spirited defence (or perhaps laughable) of his government position But he concentrated like his leader on the aspiration of reducing unemployment through trickle down economics. But have a read anyway he has worked hard at it.
But Let me ask you all a question.Do you agree with Nick now?

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