Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Silence in the Ranks.

Chris Huhne 2006

Plaid Panteg (with a nod to SNP Tactical Voter), has recently posted on Chris Huhne’s latest offering on Nuclear Power.

Chris Huhne 2010
As I commented on Marcus’ blog there has been no response from Peter Black on his Blog or La Pasionaria at Subordinate Centre.

Indeed I looked up a number of Lib-Dem Blogs via Total Politics Home and found there seemed to be very little if any response. What is happing to this Party?

Before the advent of the Greens it was often the Liberals (as they then were) who were portrayed as “bearded sandal wearing hippies” wearing T shirts with slogans like “The only safe fast breeder is a rabbit”

It was meant to mock them, but I often agreed with them on many issues. So where are they now?

Well some remained in the rump Liberal Party who carried on under that name (they have 20 or so councillors).

Some probably joined the Greens.

Some left Party Politics in despair.

But the majority remained and younger members who presumably shared some of these anti nuclear views have joined.

So why so silent?

Every party (except the Greens) are split over Nuclear Energy, but Chris Huhne hypocritical U-turn needs to be argued over. If Lib-dem members do not speak out over this then they are sharing his shme and are little more than cannon fodder for the Party machine.

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