Sunday, 21 May 2017

"Welsh" Conservatives pick candidates from outside Wales

I think it was Syd Morgan who once said that the Tories could pick a candidate for a Valleys from outside Wales who would only be seen on the night of the count  catch the Train back to London the next day,

I thought  these days had changed , but (and these are only a few samples) it seems the term Welsh Conservatives is only a Geographic term


(address in the
Oxford West and
Constituency /
cyfeiriad yn
Etholaeth Oxford
West ac Abingdon)

Carmarthen East and DIinefwr

Anthony Havard Maengwyn (Ok Welsh Name)
99 Hillsborough Court
Mortimer Crescent


(address in the
Kensington and
Chelsea Constituency
/ cyfeiriad yn Etholaeth
Kensington a Chelsea

Some may have close connections to the Constituency but  I wonder if the Tories in Scotlamd would dare to send some  party Apparatchik north of the boarder to be a candidate  even if it was to defend Theresa May's  "Precious Union"

Of course if Plaid were to publish a list of Tory and other  candidates studding  in Wales from outside London  then the would be cries of racism ,

It is cleat from his name the Tory party candidate   Ynys Mon  Tomos Dafydd Davies has some Welsh connectionbut his address is given as  Streatham.

The point is the "Welsh" Conservatives try to pretend that they at least have some autonomy  and speak for Wales ,

But it is clear aren't even a Branch Office  but more of little more than a Postal Address ,

Vote Tory on June 8th and you may well find you have an MP for whom the Constituency  is no different from one in Kent , and the fact that it is in Wales  is irrelevant.

While I'm at it  this is the address given for Neil Hamilton already a Welsh Assembly  member standing for  something called Ukip Wales

Carmarthen East and DIinefwr

Mostyn Neil

SN14 6EU

How much longer will we be treated by contempt by Parties claiming to speak for Wales  who long term plan is to fully absorb us into England.


The ever vigilant Y Cneifiwr has given us a profile on the Tory Havard Hughes for Carmarthen East and DIinefwr, who does seem to have some local connections.

But as with some of the other  candidates above it is indicative that (and this ids not only the Tories) seem to think that actually living in Wales let alone the constituency  somehow means you are not qualified to be a MP>

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  1. Mr. Morris,
    I have a rule where I do not vote for people living outside the constituency. Rather sad as I really wanted to vote conservative, (o well back to the Fib/Dems). We in Ceredigion have a Green from Brecon, a UKIP from Cardiff and a Labour Candidate from Ceredigion, but dose not know where, as here address is Ceredigion that's it. Our Conservative candidate comes from "Cities of London and Westminster" (I do hope some body has told her there is no train to London from Aberaeron). When you think that the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, has an address in Aberystwyth, Sir Dudley, the Crazed seems to be the most sensible of the lot.