Friday, 19 May 2017

Tory Manifesto calls for Wales to be absorbed by English Regions.

I have long argued that Wales should receive Parity with Scotland and looking at the Tory Manifesto brief reference to us it may be that my wish may be granted.

But alas not in the way I have hoped.

Because it is cleat that the Tories intend clawing back powers from both Walesa and Scotland  and if the Unionist make big gains in both Nations may have along tern plan to emasculate both Legislatures that voters agree to abolish them.

No way yo may say especially in Scotland. But if Indy2 fails then the long term project will be to absorb both Nations into a permanent  

 The Manifesto may states

“We will respect the devolution settlements: no decision-making that has been devolved will be taken back to Westminster. Indeed, we envisage that the powers of the devolved administrations will increase as we leave the EU.”

But aalso included  the  Tory plans for Wales to be absorbed and to create Wangland

Looking at this it is clear the Plan ( Which Labour also push) is to amalgamate North Wales int into Northern England and South Wales into a Bristol dominated region.

So we can kiss goodbye to projects like reopening the Aberystwyth - Carmarthen line and Improving communication between North and South 

"Ensuring that the border between England and Wales does not become a barrier to business, education or communities.

Does that not mean that Education could be taken over by Westminster for instance.

Vote Tory next month and they will go ahead with the project of absorbing Wales into England and claim "it was in our Manifesto".

Within 10 years we will all but cease to exist , a nation voting itself out of existence .


  1. "Vote Tory next month and they will go ahead with the project of absorbing Wales into England and claim " yes very likely glyn. But let's face it the welsh have got form when it comes to voting their country out of existence. To all intents and purposes this is what they did in 1979 - and they very nearly did the same in 1997.

  2. Read, Deffro'r Ddraig from 2009 about Labours,
    'North East Wales West Cheshire Subregional Strategy.'
    This was thrown out after a campaign, only to come back in another guise.
    We've only got Plaid Cymru to protect Wales as the Unionist parties seem to have the same plan for Wales, to make us a region of England.

  3. No winter fuel allowance cuts in Scotland, but cuts in England from the Tory party. Mrs May says nothing about their policy in Wales.

  4. basically, accelerated wealth drainage of resources and skilled youth from Cymru/Wales