Tuesday, 16 May 2017

I am truly shocked by Leanne drug revelation, Nah couldn't care less.

OK here's a confession . Whilst  a mature student at Coleg Harlech I,,,,

Hang I'll come back to that

Plaid leader Leanne Wood doesn't get much UK coverage so even a interview on the Victirua Victoria Derbyshire’s Van Share may help  to raise her profile.

However such is the nature of UK politics that  it is becoming  less of we seem to have less delving into policies but ridiculous ;questions about lifestyle.

So ut turns up that  both the BBC and Wales Online main political story seems to be headlined.

.She made the revelation while taking part in the BBC program.

The Rhondda AM also did a bit of karaoke, singing Road Rage by Catatonia.
Jesus Christ id this what we are reduced to in political interviews?

She was asked if she had ever take illegal drugs.“Yes, cannabis and,” she replied before Victoria Derbyshire interrupted and asked: “How often”.The Plaid leader replied: 

“A long time ago, when I was younger and a student I tried a few things I’d rather not go into the details of the personal side of things but yes I have.”

When asked if she had broken any other laws she said 
“possibly some driving offences”.
The conversation then turned to Prime Minister Theresa May and her recent interview where she said she and her husband had by and girl jobs. The Rhondda AM said there was no boy or girl jobs in her house.
“My partner does most of the house work so all the jobs are his really,”

hWen asked what she thought of the Tory leader she said: 
“I don’t know.I get the feeling what we see is (a) carefully presented person who is trying to appear in a certain way but I don’t get the sense that we know the person at all.”
There was some attempt at serious politics 

 Responding to a question about her future should the party - which advocates an independent Wales and has three MPs - see its vote flatline as in 2015, she said she would remain leader because she had taken over the party five years previously on the basis it was a long-term project she had to "see out".
"It will take quite a long time I think to get Wales into the position whereby we can talk about having a referendum," 
She said Plaid and Scotland's SNP were at different stages on their "journey to self-determination".
Ms Wood also said she wouldn't rule out going into coalition with Labour and taking seats in a Jeremy Corbyn cabinet 
"because what I want to do is stop the Tories wreaking havoc on Wales".
However, she added, she believed the outcome of the election would be a Tory landslide in England.,
Nut its the taking drugs as a student something she shared with many which hits the headlines.
Of course   Bill Clinton said "No" in response when asked if he had ever smoked marijuana. Later, a friend with whom he attended college stepped forward and claimed that he did in fact smoke marijuana. In response to that accusation, he replied 
"When I was in England, I experimented with marijuana a time or two, and I didn't like it. I didn't inhale and never tried it again." 
and a book by Texas author J.H. Hatfield claims that George W. Bush was arrested for cocaine possession in 1972, but had his record expunged with help from his family’s political connections. 

So my confession  is that whilst at Caleg Harlech  i spent a fair number  on night with friends some of who smoked Dope. I didn't because I've never smoked so in the reverse of Clinton , 

I inhaled but i didn't smoke.
Of more concern to me was In the late 80 as Student a t a mature  Aberystwyth  I was generally shocked when what was then Called Federation of Conservative students 
  • Dressed in Springbok rugby jerseys in order to show their support for the South African apartheid regimes .Some of whom greeted each other with Nazi salutes claiming they were being ironic.
  • Racially abused a member of the Student Union Staff for which individual members were suspended from the Union.
  • Went on a drinking Binge to celebrate the rise of Adolf Hitler to power. Which was too much for the Conservatives themselves and they were disbanded.from the current association emerged
Although I have no recollection of it happening at Aber some F.C.S in the UK wore Hang Nelson Mandela T shirts .

I wonder how many of these fascist supporting Tories are elected officials now.

The issue of Leanne smoking a bit of dope was just raised on BBC breakfast ,

Shouldn't those raising the issue start by telling us their past use or not?

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  1. When your hear politicians wriggle with a form of words when they try to answer that question it is refreshing to hear a politician being frank an honest.