Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Carys, Morag and Elizabeth a tale of bravery and timidity.

A new Jane Austin novel has been discovered.

The plot involves Carys, a young Welsh girl who had been forced to live with her English cousin  Elizabeth. Also in the house is another cousin Morag, who was from Scotland.

Although the two girls are constantly told that they were part of the family., Elizabeth had taken all their procession and only gave them a small allowance.

Both girls become fed up and being treated as little more than servants and threatened to leave and Elizabeth agrees to allow them some time off, but Morag is given a whole day  a week  whilst Carys who is less vocal was only given half a day,

Still Morag  is not satisfied and again threatens to leave again so Elizabeth tells  her that if she does she will not be taken on a tour of Europe and will have to manage on her own,with no friends.

So Morag stays, Then Elizabeth tells them that they will not be going on the European Tour after all .

This really  angers Morag though Carys meekly accepts it and for a reason (not given) sides with Elizabeth.

Morag finally makes her mind up to leave and tries to encourage Carys to leave with her,

"I wish I could ", wails  Carys, "but I'm poorer than you and can't afford to live on my own ".

"You will always be poorer" if you stay  says Morag, But Carys  is too afraid to leave.

The book ends with Morag leaving and making a success of  her life even touring Europe where she is feted.

Catys however remains with Elizabeth and is treated even more harshly her half day is taken from her and Elizabeth tells her that from now on she will be known as Sarah .

Elizabeth becomes looses her European friends and much of her own money and is forced to marry a brash  and vulgar American called Donald who makes it clear he will make all the decisions from now on.

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  1. I'm really really hoping Morag has the guts to leave. If she does, Elizabeth will try to stop her with this space, it's going to be a bumpy ride in the old coach and horses!