Monday, 15 May 2017

For Wales and Scotland voting Unionist is a wasted vote.

Yesterday there was a brief statement from Rhondda Candidate Chris Bryant  who is defending his seat  from a possible Plaid surge in that constituency ,

BREAKING: responds to Leanne Wood's article in today's Sunday Times.

This General Election is a straight fight between Welsh Labour and the Tories.   A vote for Plaid is a wasted vote. Leanne Wood knows her party cannot win the election, and a vote for Plaid Cymru just risks letting the Tories walk all over Wales.    
“Plaid Cymru like to pose as a progressive party, but in the Welsh Assembly they joined with the Tories and UKIP to vote against vital funding for hospitals, homes and education.
“It is only Welsh Labour that will stand up for Wales.” 
I imagine   that many of those who have been working hard for a Progressive Alliance  will groan at what seems sectarian  attitude from both parties.

But the truth is that Labour have showed very little interest in such an Alliance  even if such an Alliance could see them reaching their level of 1997 and no Tories left in Wales rather than the prospect of them actually falling to second place in Wales to the Tories in the number of seats

My response to the Tweet by Chris Bryant. was

There are no "Wasted Votes" only a corrupt FPT electoral system that Labour and Tories stick to for own good.
For me voting is about me saying what I want to happen and  often that means I don't see that occurring  but  I don't want  to vote for the least of two evils.
I can understand why people  will be tempted to vote to oust the local Tory but if Labour win the election , then they will do nothing to push forward electoral reform or to address the  devolution deficit.

We must also take into account that some Labour voters will be voting Tory in Scotland to oust the SNP and Labour in Westminster will ally with Mrs May government  to claim there is no support for Independence and another referendum.

A Progressive Alliance that results in Labour replacing the Tories will change little in the long run as the Tories would soon return.

Even if Labour to win the likelihood is that Prime Minister Corbyn would face internal discontent and a coup against certainly.

Certainly if the Polls are right and Labour go down to a third electoral defeat they will spend most of their time fighting in their ranks to stand up for anything let alone Wales.

The future looks bleak and we need yo send a message from Wales that we are not prepared to be Swallowed up by Tory England and that means not voting for a Unionist Party which would be a real wasted vote.


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