Tuesday, 1 November 2016

United,secure and Prosperous! Not Wales .

After the Western Mule's coverage of  Welsh Tory leader Andrew RT Davies  a speech to party officials held in private. to spell out his belief that there is nothing contradictory about being both Welsh and British  , this appeared on the the "Welsh" Conservatives Faceboook page,

Mr Davies may consider looking a thos Map in which much of Wales appears to be on a poverty level equal to Eastern Europe.

For a Union that will do the utmost to keep our family of nations, United ,secure and prosperous, This Union is failing the part he claims to speak for spectacularly

Of course not only the Tories are responsible for this but their fellow Unionist in the Labour Party have overseen that Wales very rarely see any share in the wealth that is concentrated in the South East of England.

It is a long story in which our infrastructure partly consist of the main Road and Rail routes that run through North and South Wales were not built to server us but to connect major English cities to Ireland.

Is there any other country or even region in Europe where to get by Rail from North to South you have to cross a boarder?

Off course we have been members of a European Union that has given us much help in improving our infrastructure  and if it wasn't wisely both Westminater Governments and our own Assembly must take much of the blame.

With Brexit that funding will not be available  and Westminster are unlikely to make up such a shortfall.

Indeed the "Welsh " Conservatives maybe believe that the Heathrow Expansion and High Speed 2 (HS2) is a planned high-speed railway in the United Kingdom linking London, Birmingham, the East Midlands, Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester,It would be the second high-speed rail line in Britain, after High Speed 1 (HS1) which connects London to the Channel Tunnel

 Commenting, on Heathrow the same Andrew RT Davies said:

“Now more than ever Wales and Britain need to be globally facing, and the expansion of Heathrow Airport would be a major boost for trade and tourism.“As such, we welcome the committee’s approval for a third runway, which will serve to help the economy grow while creating thousands of jobs and apprenticeships across the country, and secure a lasting legacy for the entrepreneurs and innovators of Wales’ future.“Today’s decision sends a clear message that Wales and Britain are open for business and that we welcome closer ties with countries around the world.”
Has Mr Davies ever tried to get to Heathrow from Wales. 

The Heathrow expansion is not for our benefit  but once again the South East of England and the City of London in particular.

The H2 project despite linking Northern English cities  is not for their benefit but to further the interest of the City of London.

Imagine what Wales could do if it had our share of Quid Pro Quo funding to improve our Infrastructure.

As part  of the had hoc agreement with Plaid  the Welsh government announced it would be allocating £300,000 towards funding a feasibility report into re-opening the Carmarthen - Aberystwyth railway as part of the draft 2017-18 budget.

This would probably beyond the Assembly budget especially as Labour still seem to be spending everything on the M4 relief road and the Cardiff Metro. but if we were given equivalent funding as Heathrow  and H2 it would be easily affordable.

Perhaps Andrew RT Davies should concentrate on generating wealth in Wales instead of hopping for a trickle down effect as the South East of England grows wealthier at our expense.


  1. Fine words from Andrew RT Davies, fine words indeed. As usual, however, there's very little of substance in what he says.

    What Wales needs are real policies to tackle the abject poverty that many of our communities face today. What it doesn't want is meaningless political rhetoric from these flag bearers for the Union, who always subordinate the interests of Wales to those of their Westminster masters.

    It's time for Andrew RT Davies to 'put up or shut up'.

    1. Weasel words, not fine words!

  2. We have been starved of investment for decades, we need metros for Deeside, for Swansea Bay and the South East, we need a rail expansion in rural areas and proper joined up transport infrastructure. Its about growing the internal networks that small companies so depend on. All that has been denied by a UK government content to throw a few crumbs to the periphery while spending tens of billions supporting the city of London.

  3. "Now more than ever Wales and Britain need to be globally facing, and the expansion of Heathrow Airport would be a major boost for trade and tourism.“

    Wonderful words from Andrew RT Davies, the leader of the Welsh Tories at Cardiff Bay. But wasn't it his Westminster colleagues, including Alun Cairns, MP for the constituency that covers Cardiff Wales Airport, who were responsible for Wales not getting control of Air Passenger Duty, unlike the other devolved governments in the UK.

    What a great opportunity that would have been to boost the local economy and raise the profile of Wales abroad.

    The tragedy for Wales, however, is it's not only the Unionist in the Tory party that we have to contend with.