Friday, 4 November 2016

Results for Grangetown(Cardiff) and Gibbonsdown (Vale of Glamorgan) encouraging for Plaid.

Plaid are celebrating a gain from Labour on the Grangetown Ward f Cardiff Council

I haven't got the exact numbers yet but will update when I have Although Paid may have been slight favourites to win after the last election in nevertheless represents a major boost in the city

Result of ward at last election (2012) : Emboldened denotes elected
Labour 1,812, 1,709, 1,704 (42%)
Plaid Cymru 1,511, 1,467, 1,391 (35%)
Liberal Democrats 505, 501, 489 (12%)
Conservatives 308, 266, 251 (7%)
Green Party 215, 205 (3%)
Christian’s People Alliance 84 (1%)
Communists 77 (1%)
EU Referendum Result: REMAIN 101,788 (60%) LEAVE 67,816 (40%) on a turnout of 70%
Candidates duly nominated: Asghar Ali (Lib Dem), Tariq Awan (Plaid), Michael Bryan (Con), Maliika Kaaba (Lab), Richard Lewis (UKIP)

In the 2008  Election the Liberal Democrat had held the seat and it was a surprise  to see them pushed into third place in 2012
Grangetown  2008(3)
Liberal DemocratFrancesca Montemaggi1357
Liberal DemocratAsghar Ali1319
Liberal DemocratDavid Morgan1317
LabourLynda Thorne1138
LabourStephen Brooks1131
LabourDavid Collins1104
Plaid CymruFarida Alsam1099
Plaid CymruPatrick Daley1009
Plaid CymruIoan Bellin920
ConservativeBenjamin Green546
ConservativeMark Jones533
ConservativeMichael Wallbank482
CommunistRick Newnham111
So  there may have been worries that the Anti- labour vote may have transferred back to the Lib-Dems especially as they had only just  but they vote fell 
But clearly the Plaid team were up for it and made much use of Tariq Awan being the local candidate .

Despite Cardiff Labour Group being involved in Internal fighting among councillors  they have surprised those of us who are interested in such things  by holding on to a number of seats in by-elections.

They have now lost two in a row.

It may lead to strategist in both parties in the Capitol considering a formal or informal pact in certain wards  in which Plaid or the Lib Dems are poised to gain from Labour.

No such luck in the Gibbonsdown ward on the Vale of Glamorgan but an healthy second

Gibbonsdown (Lab defence) R on Vale of Glamorgan

Result of ward at last election (2012) : Emboldened denotes elected
Labour 787754 (62%)
Independents 301, 300 (24%)
Conservatives 105, 102 (8%)
Plaid Cymru 76, 73 (6%)
EU Referendum Result: REMAIN 36,681 (51%) LEAVE 35,628 (49%) on a turnout of 76%
Candidates duly nominated: Julie Aviet (Lab), Jennifer Geroni (Lib Dem), Dennis Harkus (Ind), Shirley Hodges (Plaid), Robin Hunter-Clarke (UKIP), Leighton Rowlands (Con)

So Plaid are pretty happy today and will be seeking to carry this forward next Bay in both councils,

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