Monday, 28 November 2016

This is Cardiff.

Yesterday I posted that
Yes we can give numerous examples of Local Government waste and you can bet that we will see numerous examples in the run up to May elections.
But even the most well intentioned would be councillor, if elected under the banner of the ruling  group will have to take very difficult decisions on Social care  and how to at least keep up standards.
It didn't take Cardiff City Council long to  come up with a example where things go wrong
After a long wait for the £30,000 tree to be shipped over from China it has now been put up outside Cardiff Castle.
According to information from Cardiff Council, the artificial tree is 40m high - making it taller than Christ the Redeemer, which stands at 38m, and twice the height of the Angel of the North.
The artificial tree is covered in golden baubles and all the decorations and illuminations were pre-attached.
Cardiff  Council officials were probably hoping that the initial controversy over the design and cost would fade as it became an attraction and showed the Council to be initiative and outdoing its rivals.
However When the Christmas tree at centre stage of Cardiff's festive celebrations went up - it did not quite measure up to expectations.
Cardiff council said it had ordered a pre-decorated 40m - or 131ft - "tree-shaped structure" from China for outside Cardiff Castle.
But when the centre piece, costing £10,000 a year, went up on Friday night it was revealed to be just 40ft.
The authority apologised to anyone who had been expecting "a bigger tree".
A council spokeswoman confirmed the tree was 40ft not the 40m that had been advertised.
"The person who told us the tree was 40m high has since revealed he believes he is 18ft tall,"
"We apologise to everyone who was expecting a bigger tree and are cutting the person responsible down to size."
If that was meant as a joke it was a poor one'
Costing £30,000 over a three year lease from UK-based company MK Illuminations, the structure arrived in Wales with all the golden baubles pre-attached. It been compared to a stack of Fererro Roche  chocolates.
But the authority says the tree will save the tax payer £5,000 a year compared to previous "tree installations".
We can however wonder what the cost of a Council looking incompetent and being a laughing a stock may lead to.
It is reminiscent pf the spoof documentary  This is Spinal Tap
One of the most famous and hilarious scenes when England's notorious "Spinal Tap" run into some difficulties when lead guitarist Nigel (Christopher Guest ) confuses inches with feet.

So a  Council that had hoped to be seen as Bold and initiative  are now seen as a laughing stock.
Mistakes happen but this seems to reflect the hubris of the controlling Labour group.

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