Saturday, 5 November 2016

The media reaction to the High Court Judges is a threat to democracy.

One of the things that does not seem to be extensively covered  by the media on the Three judges  historic ruling t which said that the Government did not have the power to trigger the two-year exit process - known as Article 50 - before a vote takes place in Parliament, is what the Judges actually said.
Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas said in his introduction:
"This is a pure question of law. The court is not concerned with and does not express any view about the merits of leaving the European Union. That is a political issue."
He added:
"The court expressly accepts the principle arguments of the claimants. The government does not have the power of prerogative"
 Yes, you can see the full judgement  online here.

Now my legal knowledge is pretty slim so , i will leave it o others.

But it seems that those angered  by the ruling have no interest in the reasons the Judges give and that they should simply accepted the governments decision to decide what Brexit means and have  carte blanche to carry it out.

But I wonder  what the millions who voted for Leave no think of the sort of response of the right wing Media to the announcement attacking this judge for being "openly gay

To reverting to calls for the Judges to be sacked  in chilling reminiscences of Nazi Germany


What People? Is there any indication that those who voted for leave now have given the government and not Parliament  the right to decide what Brexit means Brexit actually means in terms of a Free market for instance.

Indeed its not only the "Oh God what have I done" voters who should be concerned.  Even the most fervent Little Englander who believe Brexit means the return of the British Empire may not be happy with what our government is doing behind closed doors in the name of the people.

There are few MPs (outside Scotland and Northern Ireland) who believe they can stop Brexit. but they must be given the right to argue whether the negotiations are being carried out.

What the Judged ruling has shown is that there are section of the Media who believe they run the country.

An independent Judiciary is essential to democracy  and there will be times  when I disagree with the rulings of Law Lords .

But the alternative of our laws being decided by the foreign owners of much of the Media is chilling.

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