Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Don't be smug,. Europe has its own Trumps.

As we wake to the prospect a Donald Trump victory , lets not be too smug in Europe and point to the US and shake our head saying what a load of right wing nutters,

We have Ukip in the UK . Nigel Farage  shared a platform with Trump  during his election campaign,

I am not saying that all of those who voted for Brexit exhibit the right wing philosophy of Trump and it supporters . But those who do were empowered by it and there is a direct link to racist attacks as a result of Brexit , and as we we have seen with the e Daily Mail declaring the three pro-democratic judges to be "Enemies of the People" on their front page is a clear attack on the independence of the judiciary, and their homophobic attack on one of the judges was as An Another Angry Voice points out  a clear reminder that they are a bigoted extreme-right propaganda organisation with a long history of promoting fascism, racism and homophobia.

I may be wrong but I suspect we will be seeing most of the UK  expressing shock and dismay at the prospect  of a Trump Presidency . even though he has expressed much the same lies and racist  rhetoric as their own coverage over Brexit.

I suspect some of those on social media who supported Brexit  will be posting they think the Citizens of America have gone crazy over voting for Trump.
In France the National Front received 4,712,461 votes in the 2014 European Parliament election, finishing first with 24.86% of the vote and 24 of France's 74 seats.[It was the first time the anti-immigrant, anti-EU party had won a nationwide election in its four-decade history." The party's success came as a shock in France and the EU.[] The next year, the National Front went on to win another victory in the first round of the 2015 regional elections on December 6, placing first in 6 of the 13 newly redrawn regions and emerging ahead of both major establishment parties overall.[ In Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie, Marine Le Pen won 40.6% of the vote.

Le Pen will be the FN candidate in 2017 for the French Presidential Election where she is likely o make the run off and even top the poll on the first round.

In Germany  With the migrant debate remaining the dominant national issue, on 13 March 2016 elections held in the three states of Baden-WürttembergRhineland-Palatinateand Saxony-Anhalt saw the AfD receiving double-digit percentages of the vote in all three states.[In the 2016 Saxony-Anhalt state election, the AfD reached second place in the Landtag, receiving 24.2% of the vote. In the Baden-Württemberg state election, the AfD achieved third place with 15.1% of the vote. In the 2016 Rhineland-Palatinate state election, the AfD again reached third place with 12.6% of the vote. In Angela Merkel's home state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern her CDU was beaten into third place following a strong showing of the AfD who contested at state level for the first time, to claim the second-highest polling with 20.8% of the vote in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state election, 2016. However AfD voter support in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania appears to have come from both left and right wing parties with support for the SPD down 4.9%, CDU down 4.1%, The Left down 5.2%, Alliance '90/The Greens down 3.9% and support for the National Democratic Party of Germany halved, dropping 3.0%. Rising support for the AfD meant that The Greens and the National Democratic Party of Germanyfailed to reach the 5% threshold to qualify for seats in the Landtag of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern so consequently lost their seats. In the Berlin state election, 2016which the AfD also contested for the first time they achieved a vote of 14.2% making them the fifth largest party represented in the state assembly. Their vote seems to have come equally from the SPD and CDU whose votes declined 6.7% and 5.7% respectively.[

Before we start looking at the US lets look at our own right wing politicians  and their media allies .

Farage, Le Pen and Frauke Petry (APD) and other European far right leaders who are using racism and islamophobia to gain power are no better or worse than Trump.

He may well be getting his hands on power but how long before a European democracy follows,


  1. Noticeable that a lot of the Brexiters are exultant on social media this morning - and they are now confidently predicting Marine le Pen will win in france. Marine le Pen herself was quick to congratulate Trump - ominously tweeting - "their world is collapsing - ours is being built".

  2. I see a lot of brexiters cheering on trump today too, they rightly see brexit and trump as part of the same package. If trump stood for election on Wales he would win convincingly with 52% of the vote.

    1. Do you know anon i think you might be right. What with the brexit vote in wales - and the votes the kippers have been piling up here in recent elections - im not sure Wales is the progressive left leaning country i grew up in anymore :(

  3. Interestingly the first thing my Brexiteer boss (who is a MASSIVE Trump and May fan) said when he came in this morning was that all that was needed now was a Le Pen victory in France (and a coup against Sturgeon in Scotland) to make "everything right in the world".

    1. that's absolutely chilling anon - i dont envy you working for someone like that! I fear your boss is a barometer of what a few people are thinking right now.

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