Monday, 21 March 2016

Do we really want this lot in the Welsh Assembly?

The  Ukip candidate who looks almost certain to be elected as an Assembly Member in may and who criticised  the multi-racial character of Cardiff, linking  immigrants to rubbish levels and “problems because of different cultural attitudes”. May be deselected by his Party.

But I suspect  that if he is its mainly because of this car crash of an interview Andrew Neil on last Friday's Daily Poltics

Scruffy, mumbling, blinking constantly and clearly with nothing to back up his outrages  claims , Gareth Bennet' looked anything like someone fitted for Piblic Office.

I suppose some Kippers may argue that he proves that they are not a Party of "Slick Politician" but one of the Common Man ( I doubt they worry too much about the Common Woman".

Except of course  that Ukip leaders have risked a Split in the party to make sure that would not entirely be the case by selcting Carpetbagger such as

  • Neil Hamilton disgraced ex Tory  was born in Bedwellty and grew up in Carmarthenshire. Though to here him speak you would  surprised He served as Conservative MP for Tatton from 1983 to 1997. He joined UKIP in 2011 and is currently its deputy chairman. Back in 2006 He and his "battle axe wife  put forward a recorded  supporting England for the football world cup 
Tops list in Mid and West Wales
  • Mark Reckless defected from the Conservatives to UKIP in 2014 but lost his Rochester and Strood seat at the general election. He is head of policy development for UKIP Wales. It would be an embarrassment  therefore if the man running the campaign in Wales was to fail to be selected

Tops list inSouth Wales East

  • Alexandra Phillips is a former ITV Wales journalist who worked for former UKIP Wales MEP John Bufton before becoming Nigel Farage's head of press.

Second on list in South Wales Central and would go to top if  Gareth Bennet' os deselected.

One wonders how many candidates Ukip may be wishing  will not be elected , rather than they be exposed as the amateurs they are.

Or maybe they will be encouraged to take their money  and just turn up to vote.

One wonders  whether Nike Hamilton will join in much of the  Assembly. In an interview  with the Independent  he said
“Our house in Wiltshire is less than an hour from Cardiff and we can get to Carmarthen in two hours,” says the shamed former Tory MP. He’s sitting by his wife, Christine, in a Carmarthenshire hotel, before campaigning with a small group of Ukip activists. “If elected I’ll have a base in Cardiff and we will get a mobile home. Then I can stay ahead of journalists.”
Considering his Party's   attitude to travellers  this has raised more than a few raised eyebrows.

There is an alternative that we can use , Labour voters in Particular should consider using their second vote in most regional seats by voting Plaid, Green and yes Lib Dem.

It will be difficult to persuade them but Leanne Wood assuming she doesn't win the Rhondda) for Plaid,  Eluned Parrot for the Lb Dems and Amelia Womack for the Greens in 
South Wales Central surley are a better option than having the prospect of a Ukip member.

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  1. Bennett’s comments are highly offensive, but normal political rules don’t apply to UKIP, as they didn’t to the BNP. UKIP like the BNP revel in being told off about political correctness from the media and other parties and to date no party has come up with a way to lessen their appeal to welsh voters.

    Welsh politics is turning incredibly ugly, can the Assembly survive the UKIP onslaught?