Sunday, 13 March 2016

Did Cameron spoil Welsh Tories party?

Poor Welsh Tories.  There they are having their Spring Conference before the Welsh Assembly  May elections only for their UK leader David Cameron to force an obvious split over Europe and the Brexit.

He told the Welsh Tories in Llangollen that Wales' future depended on voters making the "right choices" in the assembly election and EU referendum.
The prime minister stressed the value of the EU to farmers in particular.
Ex-Welsh Secretary David Jones said he was "disappointed" Mr Cameron used his platform to promote the EU cause when the party was supposed to be neutral. 

Addressing party members on Friday, the prime minister said: "Let us remember - this isn't some abstract question.

"These are actually people's jobs, people's livelihoods, people's life chances, people's families we're talking about.
"I say don't put them at risk - don't take this leap in the dark."
Maybe nobody told him that the  "Leader" of the Tories in Wales Andrew RT Davies was not only calling for a OUT vote, But was also a farmer himself.

The Tories must be hoping that many of those who voted for them in May 2015 will do so again a year later.

Though they many may well not vote as they normally do .

Having your leader splitting your Party Conference is pretty Bad even if Cameron wants the Euro Referendum to eclipse the Assembly elections.

Which in calling the referendum June seems part of his intentions.

Mind you it not as if the Tories had a lot to say,

With Andrew RT saying that the NHS was  the only department the Welsh Conservatives would  guarantee they could protect if they were in power
Andrew RT Davies said spending on health would be protected if the party wins the assembly election in May. They would effectively cut every thing else.

Under the formula that sets its budget, the Welsh Government will get more money as a result of UK ministers' pledge to spend more on the NHS in England.
Mr Davies said under the Conservatives that extra money, known as a consequential, would go into the Welsh NHS.

Mr Davies said
"But it would be wrong of me at this stage to say that I could guarantee x, y or z other than the health budget, because ultimately we know that the Westminster government has given the protection of the health budget in England with an extra £8bn going into it, so there will be a direct consequential coming over from that budget," .
"And we can guarantee that the near £500m that we will receive over the five years of the assembly will go into the Welsh NHS. The only party to do that."
Oh and education Mr Davies said the education budget would have "more money freed up" under the Tories by funding schools directly from the Welsh Government, instead of through local education authorities.

"We will be making sure that money hits the classroom, rather than it stays in county halls and central bureaucracy,"

But apart from that  no real ambition for the next four years.

Is the Welsh NHS going to be the only battleground for the Assembly elections?

With Plaid leader Leanne Wood   saying that that the  Assembly election is referendum on health services in North Wales in particular .

We can expect little else to be on the leaflets coming through our doors.

One of the Tory plans seem to be have elected Regional boards to run the NHS. Not a bad idea really .

But it a shame if that's what the Assembly elections have become . Just electing AM who promise to spend more on the NHS and cut everything else year after year.


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  1. I really don't like directly elected health boards, or commissioners, which has also been floated. I don't think you can separate health from social services and so I'd fold health into the responsibilities of new regional authorities - taking over the rest of the nominated bodies. Essentially we need to democratise the whole nominated bureaucracy and joint boards that are not accountable to anyone that governs our lives.