Thursday, 3 March 2016

Not a brilliant idea.

If England wants a National anthem of their own then good for them, but I am not sure that the views of some English Nationalist will strike a chord in Wales or Scotland.

It seems  that some English Nationalist will  expect us to start singing God save the Queen as well

The website have a letter which reads

Dear MPs
You have a choice, you can play your part in saving the UK or you can continue to pretend that the ‘status quo’ will prevail.
Please allow English sporting fans the chance to sing their National anthem before England plays.
By giving England a voice you will also be giving Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish sporting fans the chance to sing ‘God save the Queen’.
Thank You
England in my Heart

 EIMH 1.0
 They even have a chart how this might work out.

EIMH 1.1

Their ignorance is shown that they do not seem to have heard of"Ireland's Call" a song commissioned by the Irish Rugby Football Union for use at international Rugby Union matches as while "Amhrán na bhFiann" ("The Soldier's Song") is the national anthem of the Republic of Ireland, its use arouses sensitivities among those with Unionist sympathies in Northern Ireland. Equally, the national anthem of Northern Ireland, as part of the United Kingdom, is "God Save The Queen", which is sensitive among those with Nationalist sympathies.

So if they are to be listened to then a Rugby International  Between Wales  and Ireland  would see four Anthems  sang.

Good job neither have a version of the Haka or the players will be on the pitch for ages before the kick off.

This idea reflects a mindset among some in England that they , whilst they need some form of devolution akin to Wales or Scotland, the British State which they unfortunately see  as largely representing English Values and English Nationalism .

I suspect, especially in Football that some other Nations scratch their heads in seeing the Home Nations playing as separate Nations but that could well be turned to resentment as we sing our own anthems and then a UK one even if  one about  an Individual rather than the state.

Even if God Save the Queen  was the only anthem , Like Jeremy Corbyn I would not sing it .

"Long To Rule Over Us" my arse.

Maybe somewhere there are English Nationalist who do not equate UK=England  in their mindsets,  but it looks like Englandinmyheart  are not among them

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  1. Worth remembering 'Ireland's call' came about because the RFU - and to their shame the WRU - would not play Ireland's real anthem (the soldier's song) when the irish ruby team played at twickers and cardiff. An indication perhaps of the political leanings of those two bodies and their slavishness to the british state's world view ie they would not play an anthem that reminded people that people in the republic had to take up arms to get the british out of their country and establish the 'free state'.

    Course England should have it's own Anthem, and the consensus seems to be William Blake's 'Jerusalem' would be a good choice - and certainly a good choice if this analysis of it is anything to go by

    The authors of the website clearly dont seem to know that a process of devolution is taking place among the nations of the UK - perhaps they delude themselves they could reverse it if we all doff our caps to her majesty before major sporting occassions lol.

    But your right things like this are part of a mindset that seems simply incapable of recognising scotland and wales as nations in their own right and which seems to want to hark back to a britain that hasnt existed since the 1950s. A british imperialist mindset which - as we report on our blog today - sees leading kippers brandishing the union jack in cardiff on st david's day :( nuff said!