Saturday, 12 March 2016

Changing Leaders .

The May Assembly elections have not even entered the final month and already the Wasting Mule, seems to be seeking to elect new Plaid Leader.

 Martin Shipton recently wrote that

 The expectations raised by Leanne Wood that Plaid will be leading the Welsh Government after the election on May 5 are such that it would be difficult for her to stay on as leader if her hopes are not fulfilled – unless she swallows her pride and becomes Deputy First Minister in a Labour-led coalition.

Seriously, if success next May is based on leading a Welsh Government then the Lib Dems and Tories  are likely to have anew leader every four years.

Every one of their AM must fancy themselves as leader of the Party.

But  its a concern that any leader who does not win an election must fall on his or her sword if they don't win, or show an improvement in the vote and seats gained.

Plaid are on a uphill battle next but  must be scratching their heads how with a popular leader they are not doing better in the polls.

Of course the fact that they are largely omitted by the UK media and we have only a small Welsh media ant that includes the Wasting Mule.

Some Plaid members may be anticipating the Pi(n)ce Over the Water (if he wins his seat as expected  to lead the Party  to emulate the SNP.

Or according to Shipton''.....

For many Plaid activists, Rhun ap Iorwerth has the credentials to be their next leader.
Dubbed “Kennedy Cymru” by the team around him when he breezed to victory in the 2013 Ynys Mon by-election, he’s well-known across Wales because of his previous role as a TV presenter for BBC Wales and S4C.
I'm sure they both have excellent qualities, but in four years time and either fails to lead the Party to Victory will we lose him as they resign and then quit as an AM.

Barring a disastrous  campaign  maybe Leanne should be given another chance to build on her appeal to voters.

But the main issue of course is thet we are not electing a Welsh President despite the emphasis on "Leaders Debate".

Indeed its a worrying development in UK politics that  perceived qualities or inadequacies.

The media  already  have the power to implant in our minds that a Party leader is a loser

Dr Who fans will remember from the Christmas Invasion
As the Sycorax ship moves away, Harriet orders Torchwood to fire on them, destroying the ship. The Doctor becomes furious with Harriet, who tries to justify her actions by reminding the Doctor that he is not always there to save them , and plants a negative ideas in the minds of the media.With a whisper "Don't you think she looks tired".

But our media don't need the Doctor all we need i the likes of Shipton who sees himself as Kingmaker or rather Queen disposer.

Leanne is the best thing that has happened to Plaid in years , She may need more than one election to prove it.


  1. Neil Kinnock knows all about being an unsuccessful leader of a political party.

    This longest serving leader of a Westiminister opposition party probably would have gone on longer had it not been for the ' triumphalism' he exhibited at the Labour Party rally at Sheffield in 1992.

    Leanne Wood has plenty of time to prove herself as an effective leader of Plaid Cymru and when she does hand over to her successor, I'm sure this woman of principle will not be following the erstwhile socialist, Lord Bedwellty to the House of Lords.

  2. Martin Shipton’s an over promoted gossip columnist and Labour shill and the ‘story’ is clearly a Labour plant to undermine Plaid Cymru’s vote, its high time Plaid supporters stopped responding to his ‘articles’ and undermining their own party.

    Having said that as long as Plaid Cymru languish in 3rd or 4th place and get beaten by Tories and UKIP regularly while the SNP ride high, Leanne’s leadership will be an easy target for Labour and Shipton. Don’t forget she’s fought two elections, Welsh Local Council and a General Election and not made much progress. Plaid members seem happy enough to let her carry on, and I’m not sure Adam Price or Rhun ap Iorweth would make much difference to Plaid Cymru’s appeal. Maybe this is as good as it gets for Plaid Cymru.

  3. Leanne recieved a lot of criticism when she warned us two years ago that Ukip's “politics have no place in our country” and its “values are not the values of Wales”. But she was right to do so, and everything we are seeing from the kippers in wales at the moment confirms what she said.Lets hope she isnt replaced as plaid leader anytime soon.

    1. Who in the hell is Leanne Wood to decide which kind of politics have a place in Wales? This is a democracy - just - and it is very authoritarian to decree that some politics are acceptable while others are not.

      UKIP are more popular than Plaid in Wales. I'm not a UKIP supporter but this desire to shut them out of the debate is fascistic.

      Plaid is full of feminazis, progressives and what are deemed "liberals" in the USA, people with hatred in their hearts and after reading your blog, Green Dragon, I guess that you are one of these intolerant pseudo-democrats wishing to shut debate down.

  4. Apart from the Hatred in my heart you just described me butty. and as for shutting down debate It is the very Raison D'etre of this Blog.

    I wonder how long under an Ukip government we "Liberal" Progressive will be allowed to continue?