Saturday, 19 March 2016

Lib Dems and misleading survey results.

Now that the Lib Dems no longer  can use their "Little Bar Graphs" to give mis leading signs that they are "Wining Here" in many constituencies they  seem to have come up with another attempt to manipulate  statics.

Those lovely people over at Subordinate Central have come up with a new way to deceive us with the following...

GPs in Ceredigion and across Wales have given a resounding message that Plaid Cymru’s plan for another health reorganisation would be a disaster for patients.In November, Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, wrote to over 650 GP surgeries in Wales asking their views; 21% of GP surgeries responded.One question asked whether they would support Plaid’s plans to scrap health boards and place major hospitals under one body. 66% of GPs said they would not support this policy, 23% said they would support it, and 10% said they did not know.

So with about 150 doctors through out Wales  responding  only about 100 said they did not support it  the Lib Dems then say 

Responses to Plaid’s policy included:
• “Good God, spare me this. No more re-organisation!!!”• “Awful idea!”• “No more reorganisation please. Take politicians out of the NHS”• “We need a period of stability, not more change”• “Are you mad? Another reorganisation. You are stupid if you think this will help.”• “Definitely an awful idea.”• “Please stop all change. Can we have some stability and consistency”
Interestingly they do not state that this was the response of Doctors  taking part  in the survey.

Elizabeth Evans, Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly candidate for Ceredigion where the survey seems to have originated , said:

The response from GPs is resounding: Plaid’s plans would be a disaster for patients in Ceredigion.“Our NHS needs another reorganisation like it needs a hole in the head. Having not learned from the last time they meddled in local health services, Plaid want to abolish all health boards and run major hospitals like Bronglais from Cardiff.“Ceredigion is already suffering from having our NHS run from Carmarthen; our health services constantly eroded as a result of Plaid’s botched reorganisation. How on earth are people even further away from our county supposed to understand our needs?“Plaid under Leanne Wood are increasingly only concerned with fighting Labour in the valleys, showing they no longer understand or care for rural communities like ours. Their NHS policy is the epitome of that.“Unlike Plaid, the Welsh Liberal Democrats will not divert money from frontline services to waste on yet another reorganisation – because we have listened to concerns from patients and doctors alike. Our 3 point plan for the NHS will deliver more nurses on hospital wards so they have the time to care for patients, will improve access to your GP, and will put mental healthcare on equal footing with physical health.“For too long patients’ views have been side-lined. Our plan puts patients’ views front and centre to create and NHS that works for you.”

Now I will accept that any new changes will be resisted by Doctors but that does mean that its abad idea. People are always reluctant to embrace change. 

It doesn't mean its a good idea as well but to base your argument on a survey with about 150 responses which by the very nature you frame it will be negative is not the way to do it.

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