Friday, 4 March 2016

Has the Assembly Elections already been eclipsed by BREXIT?

I am inclined  to vote to remain in the EU in the forthcoming Referendum, but it's all due to a gut feeling that despite its many faults it is a bulwark  against giving the Tories Carte Blanche to attack the poor and other social measures.

At the moment we seem to be having a dual Project Fear  and  I find both economic cases unconvincing.

The OUT side seem to have the most odious people in them , but I'm not sure that ,standing with Cameron is the answer  either.

In some ways the fact that I've writing  an indication of the problem  we are going to face in the run up to the BREXIT referendum.

Already the news is full of the referendum  and as a Political Blogger I feel obliged to respond .

But where does this lead to coverage of the Welsh Assembly Election?

Already  the BBC in London or Salford  seem to have spiked any news about the Election here .

Even the media in Wales seem to have decided the Referendum is the  major issue and the Assembly Election coverage reduced to Party press releases.

Since I rely on the Welsh  media coverage to write this Blog , I hope I am not going to find myself commenting on the Referendum debate  even in a Welsh context  because it looks more interesting.

And I admit easier for someone outside the Political  Bubble  to cut and paste interesting articles.

The danger is that in May the Assembly elections become a trial run for the Election before the referendum and this can only benefit OUT campaigners particularly Ukip.


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  1. Harsh truth is that even without the EU referendum the Welsh Assembly election would get little UK media coverage.

    UKIP serve a purpose to discredit Labour in Wales and give the Tories a boost, so they get pushed by the BBC. With the free publicity and constant immigration blame game UKIP could easily get 10 – 15 seats May. It looks like were heading back to the Welsh Office and all parties share the blame for that.