Sunday, 27 March 2016

Nightmare might end up a dream.

Since its Easter  I thought you might like this especially if you in despair  at the prospect of Donald Trump  winning the US Presidency .

Even  Hillary Clinton's   actual record in government doesn't fill me with hope .

For us wishy washy liberals however there is still a glimmer of hope and proof that there are let wing idealist  in the USA ad Bernie Saunders  offers something different from  Donald Trumps imitation of Mussolini which incidentally the Simpson's creators caught on to way back in 2005.

But lets get back to Bernie  who actually admits to being a Socials  His campaign well may well have been boosted with this intervention at a rally from an unusual ,

Since then then the  Vermont Sen. s swept to victory in the Democratic caucuses in Alaska and Washington state Saturday, as he sought to cut intoHillary Clinton's commanding delegate lead and gain fresh momentum in his bid for their party's presidential nomination.Sanders also sought to capture Hawaii's caucuses Saturday.Washington state, with 101 delegates up for grabs, was Saturday’s biggest prize. Sanders fought hard for the state, holding big rallies in the last week to drive turnout among the kinds of young and liberal voters who have helped him prevail in earlier caucuses.

Who knows what looks like a nightmare may well be a dream.

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