Saturday, 21 February 2015

Hengoed Result - Mixed blessings for Plaid

 The result of the Byelection for the Hengoed Ward on Carmarthen Council saw Labour holding the seat from Plaid
Carmarthenshire UA, Hengoed- 19 February 2015

Edwards, Penelope Magaret Labour 335 [33.2%; +7%]
Davies Martin Vaughn Plaid Cymru 313 [31%; +6.6%]

Richards Bramwell George UKIP 152 [15%; +15%] 
SamuelWynford People First 80 [7.9%; -26.1%]
Skinner William Edwaed Independent 76 [7.5%; +7.5%]
Davies William Andrew Conservative 54 [5.3%; +5.3%]

It will be a disappointing  for Plaid who must have had high hopes of regaining the seat they lost in 2012 and the 15% Kipper vote looks ominous . Whilst the collapse in the People First

Candidates Party Result 2012 

CAIACH, Sian Mair People First - Putting Llanelli First 337 Elected
DAVIES, Martin Vaughan Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales 315
EDWARDS, George Welsh Labour 338 Elected
EVANS, Mike Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales 271
JENKINS, Heidi Elizabeth Other 89
JONES, Ken People First - Working For Your Community 261
LEWIS, Sue Welsh Labour 253
ROBERTS, Fred Independent 213

To what extent personalities played in this election is unclear but I believe that the Labour Candidate was the Window of the councillor  and may have gained some sympathy vote.Whilst the collapse in the People First shows that it is largely a personnel vote (probably deserved ) for Siân Caiach.

It may explain the on the same day the same voters produced a different result for the vacant rural seat Llanelli Rural Council by a rather more comfortable margin:

Susan Phillips for Plaid won the election for the vacancy  by a comfortable  margin:

Plaid 351
Lab 285
Ukip 165
People First 65
Ind 37

I wonder if the the fewer voters  on the rural seat was partly due to Conservatives not voting.

A win Plaid in the county seat would have a moral booster so gaining the  Rural seat may be very much a relief.

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