Friday, 20 February 2015

Dafydd Wigley makes case against Fracking in Llantrisant.

Last night Public meeting in Llantrisant held by Plaid had a good turn out  could have been more Plaid stalwarts  than locals but there were certainly a fair number of Llantrisant people active in opposing Fracking. 

I have no doubt that if the current threat of Fracking exploration in Llantrisant had not been lifted  and  the machinery moved in we would have seen a bigger turn out

But it wasn't  Bad  and it was good to see Dafydd Wigley on form who detailed much of the experiences in some of the US states having met  Welsh born campaigner from South Dakota on a trip to the USA who clearly had a great deal of influence on him.

Dafydd also emphasised the cooperation between Plaid.SNP and the Greens at Westminster  which is already in existence in Westminster.

He also emphasised  how vital it is that  powers over  Fracking  should be devolved to the Welsh Assembly.

As I said the threat in Llantrisant  as been lifted for the moment  but there now a new threat in nearby Llanharan,

That is why we need a Moratorium  on Fracking . I know that many who like me have already made their minds up and are opposed to Fracking would like to se  it banned now.

But it is vital that we halt Fracking exploration now and a Moratorium will give us time to build up the case against and hopefully lead to a ban.

A moratorium has more chance of getting support from those Parties which are in Power at Westminster than a outright ban.

But as last night showed  early opposition by people of all Parties and those who are not members of any helped to at least stop exploration around the Llantrisant area (including Beddau ) but we must be constant vigilant throughout Wales  if we not to leave a environmental disaster  to future Generations.

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