Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Welsh Liberal Democrats reduced to Cloning candidate for Ynys Môn

It  has largely been forgotten that the Welsh LibDems were  only short of having a highly successful  election  back in 2005 by a few thousand votes in some constituencies by a few thousand votes

Consistency                Candidate            Swing            Lab Majority
Merthyr Tydfil              Amy Kitcher        16.92 %         4056 (12.64%)
Pontypridd                   Mike Powell        1.3 31%         2758 (7.59%)
Newport East              Ed Townsend      8.35%            1650(4.79%)
Swansea West             Peter May          5.74               504 (1.42%)
Wrexhan                     Tom Rippoth       5.67               658 (11.09%)

If things had turned out differently and Nick Clegg had no lead his party into at toxic coalition with the Tories  , them  all 6 would be on their hit list and we would already be bombarded with leaflets  with the litle Barr Charts claiming "Only The Liberal Democrats can win here).

But it a different world . The Merthyr candidate Amy Kitcher  has joined Plaid , Peter May who came so close in Swansea East  regained the council seat he lost but as an Independent.

But  a quick look at the Welsh Liberal Democrat  website appears to show they now have a unique  way of getting people to stand

In Wrexham the candidate is given as Rob Walsh with the accompanying  photo 

Rob Walsh

But right next door the Ynys  Môn candidate is given as  Mark Rosenthal with the accompanying  Photo

Rob Walsh
So are the cloning candidates?

A click on the Wrexham candidate comes with a brief biog and the  same photo whilst  a similar clic on the  Ynys  Môn candidate has a Biog but no photo.

Oh dear! I womder how long this error has been on the LibDem website.?

I don't have a huge readership so I also wonder when the Welsh LibDems become aware of it .

Have a loook for yourself and let me know when they change it

Update 15: 30 the Welsh Lib dems have removed the photo. Still Don't know whatwhat Mark Rosenthal looks like though.

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