Thursday, 26 February 2015

At least Natalie Bennett is not a Blair or Cameron.

There is a story probably apocryphal that when the Labour Government came in to power in 1945 although it had a long commitment to the Natiolisation of the Mines  it had no real plan in how they were going to carry it out.

It is said that when being questioned on Nationalisation in the Commons  he turned to Jim Griffiths who was writing notes , Griffiths handed him  a piece of paper but unfortunately the notes where all in Welsh.

Nowadays Ministers are highly briefed  by Civil Servants and coached by PR men and when questioned in the media are apt in not answering awkward questions

 Even the extraordinary Paxman  - Howard interview did not lead to the latter answering the question with a YES or NO.

Even the extraordinary Paxman  - Howard interview did not lead to the latter answering the question with a YES or NO.

Yes  Natalie Bennett should have been better prepared.  as she  crumbled under scrutiny of her housing policies on LBC there's a trancript here.

 But Bennett could actually make a virtue of this disaster and say that she is not a professional Westminster figure   who avoids he questions they are asked in interviews, instead reiterating the part they are proudest  of a policy of again and again.

Even persistent  interviewers  like Paxman, Andrew Neil and indeed Nick Ferrari who conducted t the Bennett interview  on LBC are often to get hard figures out of their subjects.

The difference is that normally these evasions are delivered smoothly, and most speakers have been extensively polished by PR teams so that they know not to look lost and hide it with coughs and silences .

Maybe Natalie Bennett has not had the extensive  training that the Parties  and she’s paying the price for  it .

Lets face it I would rather vote for Ma Bennett that the likes of Tony Blair so polished that he blinded his interviewers or Cameron   who cleverly makes his soundbite in street interviews then walks off before the difficult questions start.

Alas people like confident Polticians even when they are lying to us so Ms Bennett may have to have some intensive coaching before the Leaders Interview or the Green surge may collapse overnight and that may welll affect the whole Anti-Austerity alliance.


  1. Well said Glyn - experience certainly tells us that the slickest politicians on tv are those we should perhaps be most wary of. On the other hand the Greens cant afford any more episodes like this and if Natalie Bennett is going to represent them in the TV debates she's going to have to be better prepared than she has so far been when being interviewed. The Greens have a great positive anti austerity message but it will be of little help if Natalie Bennett is unable to articulate this positive message when she is in the full glare of the national media.

    Perhaps not surprising then that there has been talk in Green circles of Caroline Lucas representing them in the debates, though whether broadcaster's would accept someone who isnt a party leader in the debates is another matter.

  2. As pointless as Blair and Cameron are, they are also both infinately superior politicians than she will ever be. The Greens made a big error when they got KLucas to stand down and become just an MP. She is by far a more polished, presentable and credible person than Bennett will ever be.