Monday, 16 February 2015

Average Welsh Pay falls by another £300 in a year count your blessins.

The Wasting Mule Online covers the story Average pay in Wales fell by more than £300 in real terms last year and as much as £2,000 in the last five, according to analysis from the Wales Trades Union Congress.

In 2014, Welsh average pay stood at £24,384, falling in real terms by 1.3% since 2013 and 8.3% since 2010.
The Mule for some reason seem to think that we should be some what grateful because they say
"Although much greater falls were seen in the West Midlands and London, the figures were cited by one Plaid Cymru MP as evidence that the policies of austerity are failing.
At least the Mule do tel us that
Meanwhile, chief executives of FTSE 100 companies saw their pay increase, on average, £700,000 in real terms between 2010 and 2014.
A FTSE 100 chief exec could earn 137 times the average Welsh person, taking them just 14 hours to earn their average yearly pay, according to the figures.
 Wales TUC General Secretary Martin Mansfield said  
2014 “was another miserable year for living standards in Wales.”
“Even though inflation has fallen sharply in recent months, it is still going to take years for people’s earnings just to recover to their pre-recession levels,” he said

And yet the Mule still seem ken to give the impression we are not so badly off

According to the statistics, Wales’ average pay in April 2014 fell in real terms by £318 from 2013, and by £2,217 from 2010.

That compares to the West Midlands where average pay fell by £1,037 in a year, or 4%, and London where average pay fell by £978.
Some wage growth was seen in the North East, however, with the median wage rising by £164 or 0.7%. It was the only region analysed by the TUC that recorded an increase.

Plaid Cymru treasury spokesperson Jonathan Edwards MP said:

 “This is a very valuable piece of research from the TUC which clearly indicates that austerity is failing on its own terms, and that Westminster’s austerity continues to have a very real impact upon Wales and the Welsh workforce."Wage growth is at best anaemic and in Wales, falling.”though much greater falls were seen in the West Midlands and London, the figures were cited by one Plaid Cymru MP as evidence that the policies of austerity are failing.
 The Welsh Government said ministers shared the concernthe concerns of Wales TUC.

 A spokesman reflected the Problem Welsh Labour have in claiming responsibility for success in the Welsh economy whilst blaming the Westminster coalition for the failures.

He /She (for we do not know) said

 “This research again shows that despite recent improvements to our economy, many people across the UK are failing to feel the recovery in terms of pay and the cost of living.”
But William Graham, business spokesman for the Welsh Conservatives in the Assembly,Turns a blind eye to the figures. said: 
“The real economic picture in Wales is improving with greater private sector activity and jobs being created, while hardworking people have more money in their pockets due to increases in the personal allowance and action on fuel duty.”
And the poor  Welsh Lib Dem were also reduced to a spokesman  who could only turn to their beloved mantra of tax cuts
“A further £400 a year tax cut is one of the five priorities on the front page of our election manifesto.”
So there we have it 

We are worse off and yet there is a recovery.
 we are worse of and yet apparently not as badly as others
We are worse off and yet we should vote for the Parties that support the "Austerity Agenda".

No need  to change anything.

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