Monday, 9 February 2015

Third rate devolution and Third rate BBC coverage.

It was on;y back in September last year   that Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood was claiming that  Wales could miss out at the top table, with the UK government more interested in a settlement involving Scotland and England.
She told BBC Wales correspondent Hywel Griffith there was an appetite for more powers in Wales but fears the country could end up with a second-class settlement.
Since then Unionist Parties in the wake of a huge SNP surge have been claiming that Scotland may have \a huge amount of powers devolved to it

And we may even see under English Votes for English Laws *EVEL) . English MPs in westminster having more devolved powers that MA's in our Assembly.

.Since then she rightly believes  that Wales is in danger of falling even further behind 
Yesterday on the Andrew Mar show "For so long we've been behind in Wales, Leanne Wood told the BBC's Andrew Marr. "We've settled for third rate devolution."
Leanne also  said she believed the only way to have a strong economy in Wales was to become an independent nation.
Which is encouraging but we have to get over with the argument we are too poor at the moment to become an Independent country. 
When asked about Plaids low poll rating Leanne point out the lack of coverage only to be cut off by Marr which to some extent proved her point
It was a very brief 4 minute slot and I wonder if Leanne and Plaid believe it was worth spending the Time getting to the BBC studio on a Sunday morning,
The BBC will probably now claim that Plaid and Leanne had now had fair coverage and now ignore them for the near future.
I bet Nigel Farage wil be intervened on BBC Political slots at least twenty times , before we get to see Leanne given a brief interview
Four minuets  on a Sunday is hardly enough coverage for a Party that in the event of a hung parliament  may be a  player in any negotiations.

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  1. She got about the same on Sky - the BBC intro was poor, a case of we have done England at length, Scotland for months, so a quick look at that funny place in the West, Wales.