Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Cardiff Labour's Civil war continues.

The Wasting Mule online reports that

Damning criticisms of Cardiff's top three councillors by an MP from their own party have emerged in a leaked email.
An email from Cardiff South and Penarth Labour MP Stephen Doughty addressed to senior Labour councillors in Cardiff contained savage criticisms of the city's budget setting process.
Swingeing cuts are being made that will see treasured community facilities including play centres face closure.
Mr Doughty's email included the words:

 "It will require some pretty categorical assurances before I am willing to believe anything you, Graham or Phil say after the appalling handling of this process so far."
Mr Doughty’s criticism was directed at the authority’s leader Phil Bale, deputy leader Sue Lent and finance chief Graham Hinchey.

This appears to be a second critical  email that  to the one that  was reported on the same website on February 12th of this year  when Stephen Doughty  and his constituency counterpart in the Assembly Vaughn Gething claimed  they have been “actively misled” by colleagues in Cardiff council’s ruling group following private discussions about proposed budget cuts in the city.
Vaughan Gething AM and Stephen Doughty MP have sent an e-mail, which we have seen, saying they feel they have been misled by senior members of the council’s ruling group – including leader Phil Bale.

It appears that there is such a rift in the Cardiff Labour someone in the Cardiff Labour party is leaking like an old car radiator.

Whether this is actually about the cuts proposed by the Council  or about the clear civil war in the council since Phil Bale replaced the former leader in what seems like a coup is unclear.

With a General election looming there may be jitters in the Cardiff Labour party that this will affect their chances of capturing Cardiff Central from the Liberal Democrats and Cardiff North from the Tories.

Interesting Times indeed


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