Sunday, 22 February 2015

Plaid and "The Widows Mite"

Although I am not a Christian there are still some parts of Doctrine especial from the parables that I suggest we should consider

One of those I always remember is that of the Widows mite

 In the story, a widow donates two small coins, while wealthy people donate much more.[Jesus explains to his disciples that the small sacrifices of the poor mean more to God than the extravagant, but proportionately lesser, donations of the rich.

I would suggest that "A Labour  Spokesman" consider this  as as The Wasting Mule reports that

 A row has broken out between Labour and Plaid Cymru after it emerged that Plaid had received no declarable donations at all during the final quarter of last year.
Figures published by the Electoral Commission show that between October and December 2014, the Conservatives received donations totalling more than £8.3m, Labour more than £7.1m, the Liberal Democrats more than £3m and Ukip more than £1.5m. Even the Green Party registered donations of nearly £250,000.
Plaid Cymru, however, made a zero return.

The Welsh Labour spokesman said:

Just months from a general election this is deeply embarrassing for Plaid. It looks like progressives in Wales are voting with both their feet and their cheque books and giving up on the so-called party of Wales.
“Plaid members will be asking why donations have dropped off so dramatically at such an important time.For Leanne Wood, Plaid’s beleaguered nationalist leader, this is yet another devastating blow.”

Insisting that Plaid Cymru’s finances were healthy and in good shape for the election campaign, a party spokeswoman said:  (can't people give their names?"

“Parties are required to report individual donations above £7,500 to the central party (including aggregation) or individual donations above £1,500 to its accounting units (including aggregation).
“The donations received by the party in the final quarter of 2014 didn’t fit into either of these categories.
"However, we are delighted that there was a 32% increase in donations to the party between 2013 and 2014 and we’re proud to be a party which is in credit and is not burdened by very significant loans unlike most of our opponents.

"This is thanks to the kind generosity of our members and supporters and we’re grateful to them for their continued support.”
 So Where does Labour Money come from?

A list of the highest donors for the fourth quarter of 2014 shows that three trade unions gave more than £1m to the Labour Party: Unison gave nearly £1.4m, Unite gave more than £1.3m and the GMB gave nearly £1.1m.

 Labour’s donors gave it £13,307,696 in 2013 and £18,747,702 in 2014.

 Unions again  donating to  the RedTories who if they win an absolute Majority in May wil continue the present Government  Austerity program and Labour  as Rachel Reeve shadow work and pensions secretary, has insisted, ill be tougher than the Tories when it comes to slashing the benefits bill..

And we are entitled to ask  how much came from  Tax Avoiders hopi,g a repeat of the Blair /Brown Governmentlethargy in pursing them.

The top donor to the Conservative Party between October and December 2014 was Michael Gooley, founder of the travel agent Trailfinders.

Overall donations to Plaid Cymru rose from £139, 952 in 2013 to £184,585 in 2014.

The Conservative Party saw the biggest leap in donations, from £15,904,171 in 2013 to £28,930,508 in 2014.
We are entitled to ask How much came from Tax Advoiders?

Donations to the Liberal Democrats rose from £3,870,637 in 2013 to £8,221,771 in 2014.
Ukip’s donors gave the party £668,829 in 2013 and £3,847,474 in 2014.

Another big leap saw donations to the Scottish National Party go up from £41,500 in 2013 to £3,772,594 in 2014. The referendum on independence for Scotland took place last September.

So Plaid have no big Donor's of Tax Avoiders  and Trade Unions betraying their members .

But which Party can claim to be free of  "Outside Influences".

I see nothing wrong in someone who supports a Party's aims   to donate but we seem to be back to Lloyd George  selling knighthoods and peerages – and the OBE which was created at this time – for money.

The same with Unions but that also should not so much about influence  as backing Parties or Individual who share their principals.


  1. This highlights the complete lack of intergrity of the fail and its journos. The obvious headline here was highlighting the tax dodging scumbags who tell Labour how to vote.

    Instead they spin it against Plaid. I can't wait until that rag goes bust, it can't be long now.

  2. Thr Fail spnning furiously for Labour it happens all the time, the proof, read Wings Over Scotland on what the Trinity Mirror rag The Dail Record did for Labour in Scotland a few days before the indy ref it's shocking,