Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Will we see the LibDems "Little Bar-Charts next year?

I was wondering if in the run up to the Next General Election we will see the Liberal Democrats  once again inundate us with their Little Bar-charts.

After al they are languish in the polls so their  "Only the LibDems can stop Labour. Tories, Ukip, Plaid or the SNP. will hardly look authentic,

Seems not if.  the Gordon Constituency is going to be an example.

Of course Gordon is a special case as the likely SNP candidate is likely to be Alex Salmond.

But the LibDems are going to have a go at persuading people who have no interest in voting for them.
Nevertheless in order to stop Salmond

A recent leaflet uses that theme

And of course ther's the Little Bar-Chart


Clear only the LibDems can beat salmon.

Well not really taken into account the LibDem slump Gordon could be seen as a 4 way marginal

And the Labour  and candidate is also making  Only we can stop Salmon (as wil the Tory).

Mind you if the Scottish parliament  Constituency pf  Aberdeenshire East which consist of much of Gordon  even all the other Party voted will not help them

Scottish Parliament election, 2011: Aberdeenshire East
SNPGreen tick Alex Salmond19,53364.50+19.8317,79558.74
Liberal DemocratsAlison McInnes4,23813.99-16.583,16910.46
ConservativeGeordie Burnett Stuart4,21113.90-1.884,25513.95
LabourPeter Smyth2,3047.61-0.442,2097.29
Scottish Green 1,3744.54

But the LibDems  reach a new low when to  make even more sure they Stop Salmond they go for the Ukip vote as well


Will we see such shameless twisting of the reality from the LibDems here in Wales.

You bet .

For years the LibDems have portrayed themselves as the clean party but in reality they often fight the most misleading campaigns

They deserve to lose for that reason alone.

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  1. The general election twitter put this up about who the 2010 Lib Dem Voters will vote for next year, the Lib Dems are only keeping 23% of their vote while 34% are voting Labour and 4% for SNP/Plaid Cymru the rest will vote Tory, UKIP and Greens.


    As for Gordon, Scottish Unionists are already circulating a vote tactically and stop Alex Salmond call and who to vote for, they must be worried.