Monday, 22 December 2014

Carwyn proposes a Welsh Free State?

Boy Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones has really lost the plot

Speaking to BBC Radio Wales' Sunday Supplement programme, Mr Jones said:

 "We know there is a right of secession from the UK, (but) the people of Wales don't want that, and I'm pretty sure that of that - they want to remain part of the UK.
"If you look at the Irish Free state and its establishment in the 1920, that power was there. Scotland was offered the chance to leave. It didn't, thankfully.
"There is an offer for the people of Wales theoretically, although I am confident - and nor would I ever support the idea of Wales being an independent country - we are quite happy being a strong nation with a strong identity as part of the UK framework.
"But we are not there in terms of the UK framework.
The Irish Free State ? Probably the worst example you could think off.

The Irish Free State  lasted 15 years 6 December 1922 – 29 December and resulted in a brutal and bloody civil war which saw old Comrades fighting against  each other 
Precise figures for the dead and wounded have yet to be calculated. The pro-treaty forces may have suffered between 540–800 fatalities, and the anti-treaty forces appear to have received considerably heavier losses. There is, as yet, no figure for civilian deaths. A minimum figure of 1,000 and a maximum figure of 4,000 deaths (including both combatant sides and civilians) have been suggested.[64]
The use of execution by the Irish Free State in the Civil War was relatively harsh compared to the recent British record. In contrast with 77 official executions by the Irish Free State government, the British had executed only 24 IRA volunteers and the IRA had condemned to death a few dozen enemies during the 1919–21 War of Independence
This  led to bitterness that continues today in the two *current main parties) Fine Gael the inheritors of those who supported the treaty and Fianna Fáil  tthe heirs of those who opposed it
 The King in Ireland was  represented by a Governor-General of the Irish Free State. The office replaced the previous Lord Lieutenant, who had headed English and British administrations in Ireland since the Middle Ages. Governors-General were appointed by the King initially on the advice of the British Government, but with the consent of the Irish Government. From 1927 the Irish Government alone had the power to advise the King whom to appoint

The Queen's Governor Generals do not usually dress up in such finery these days so Carwyn might be disappointed
Maybe Carwyn Sees himself in that\t role
The Free State came to an end in 1937, when the citizens voted by referendum to replace the 1922 constitution. It was succeeded by the sovereign and current state of Ireland.
Of all the examples our beloved First Minister  the Irish Free State is not an ideal one

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  1. Think we preferred carwyn when he was apeing the deranged nuke loving peter sellers character in 'dr strangelove' - now it seems he's making a play for liam neeson's role in 'michael collins'!