Saturday, 13 December 2014

Plaid win in Trelech apathy in Tynant

know most have seen the result for the Trelech byelection by now for those who haven't its here.

Trelech on Carmarthen Council
Jean Lewis (Plaid Cymru) 598

Hugh Phillips (Ind) 181

Selwyn Runnett (LibDem) 96

There was a community council seat on Llantrisant which in Tynant next door to Beddau where Labour's Ron Hunt who on his third attempt this year one easily.

Tynant on Llantrisant Community Councii

Ron Hunt (Labour)209 votes,

Steven Thomas Owen (Plaid) 38

Johnathen  Bishop (Dzôn) (Pluralist Party 20

Apparently there was a rather Bizarre altercation at the count between Dzôn and Mr Hunt over Fox hunting .

 I think I should have paid more attention to what was happening on my doorstep. However the RCT website did not seem to give any details which might reflect on the very low turn out. lower than 5% it appears

For Plaid in Carmarthen the result was encouraging winning the seat that the retiring member who had represented the ward for nearly 50 years to the extent he was known as Dia Trelech and with another by-election coming after the death of Labour councillor George Edwards, Labour councillor for Hengoed ward which occupies the coastal strip between Llanelli and Burry Port, .

Hengoed is a two-member ward, the other councillor being Siân Caiach.

Result 2012

CAIACH, Sian Mair People First - Putting Llanelli First 337 Elected

DAVIES, Martin Vaughan Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales 315

EDWARDS, George Welsh Labour 338 Elected

EVANS, Mike Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales 271

JENKINS, Heidi Elizabeth Other 89

JONES, Ken People First - Working For Your Community 261

LEWIS, Sue Welsh Labour 253

ROBERTS, Fred Independent 213

So much might depend on whether Siân Ciach can find someone to stand for People First it may well be a lively event but Plaid leave the year on a high and may well carry on in the new year in the same manner at least in Carmarthen.

Meanwhile The SNP are going from strength to strength

South Kintyre on Argyll and Bute (SNP defence)
Result: SNP 942 (62% +37%), Liberal Democrats 214 (14%, unchanged), Conservative 203 (13% -33%), Labour 156 (10%, no candidate last time)

Result of ward at last election (2012) : Emboldened denotes elected
Conservatives 1,133 (46%)
Scottish National Party 203, 415 (25%)
Independents 63, 138, 167 (15%)
Liberal Democrats 351 (14%)

Elgin City North on Moray (Lab Defence)
Result: SNP 728 (38% -5%), Independent 472 (24% +15%), Labour 287 (15% -15%), Conservative 273 (14% -4%), UKIP 81 (4%, no candidate last time), Green 77 (4%, no candidate last time)

Result of ward at last election (2012): Emboldened denotes elected
Scottish National Party 596, 515 (43%)
Labour 766 (30%)
Conservatives 448 (18%)
Independents 241 (9%)

The result and swings are difficult to work out because Scottish councils use STV but In reality there was a significant swing to the SNP in both seats.


  1. The day of polling was met with the pouring of rain. Labour voters are unlikely to go out into the rain to vote if they do not have confidence in their candidate. Labour voters would rather not vote than vote for someone from a different party.
    Might it be possible you could change the line referring to me to reflect that I had 20 votes and my professional name of Jonathan Bishop (i.e. not the comedian John Bishop! :-))?

  2. Are the Scottish 2012 figures right?
    SNP 203 (25%)
    Liberals 351 (14%)