Monday, 8 December 2014

Are the Unionist afraid England might just like Alex's message?

The Unionist reaction to the news that Alex Salmond was to stand in the next General Election. sent the Unionist into a frenzy a prime example  was the neutral  BBC is who used its review show on the News channel to get a bunch of London based journalists  to display the full depth of their arrogant cluelessness and xenophobia  about Scottish politics

The Telegraph’s Tim Stanley – who stood as a Labour candidate in the 2005 general election – He has since distanced himself from the Labour Party and has been arguing in support of the US Republican Party.  didn’t make even  try to  conceal his extraordinary hostility, and was joined someone called Petrie Hosken (who seems to be chiefly known for presenting a breakfast show on London radio station LBC( so really qualified to comment on Scotland) embarked on a sustained personal attack,  Alex Salmond 

Hosken’s  ignorance was particularly clear given the SNP’s long-standing policy of abstaining from any vote not affecting Scotland.  given the SNP have a long-standing policy (unlike Scottish Labour and the other Unionist parties there) of abstaining from any vote not affecting Scotland.

A group of people commenting on something they know absolutely nothing about, politics in Scotland. They were reviewing the Herald a paper really only sold in Scotland?

How often do the BBC  normally even cover the Scottish Sunday papers?

So why the hostility.

Could it be that a sizeable bloc of SNP and Plaid MPs who oppose the austerity agenda of the Lab-Tory-Libdem Bloc who are increasingly pandering to the Anti-immigration rhetoric of BBC darling Nigel Farage might lead the millions of people in England who are appalled by this to ask why can't we have a party like these to vote for?

They might just think hang on how about the Greens or in Cornwall Mebyon Kernow. and perhaps Yorkshire First (though I will have to research the latter more thoroughly).

Could we be hearing from some English quarters 

Please Alex.  Help us against this lot?

Plaid leader Leanne Wood in her conference speech calling for her to be included in the leadership debate pointed out that the voters in England need to know what they are getting from Plaid.

Could one of the reason the BBC and the rest of the media are excluding Plaid, SNP and Greens  who have signed an Anti-austerity pact from the Leaders Debate, be that People throughout the UK  may just like what they are saying?


  1. They just don't get it. Salmond isn't going there for personal ego, it's not a threat to Nicola sturgeon (why should she be upset by it?). They don't get it. The man believes in Scottish independence and he's going to fight for it. He knows Labour will try anything in Westminster to water down the Vow and he's going there to keep an eye on them.

    The SNP believe in something - Scottish independence. They all believe in it. This may be difficult for Labour and Tory supporters to understand but when you believe your country (Scotland or Wales) should and could have the same status as Denmark, Ireland or Germany you don't just shrug your shoulders or go to preach to the 1% thieves as Brown does. You keep on fighting by what ever means possible.

    These people on the panel and the people and the establishment which have patronised us, have told us for centuries to stop speaking Welsh, to know how lucky we are, tol us were poor as they keep us from controlling our resources, to not rock the boat. They are the problem and Salmond is going to fight against them.

    All strength to Salmond - give them hell, Alex!

  2. No surprises here - for BBC read BTN (British Television Network) as in V for Vendetta!