Sunday, 14 December 2014

Labour elect new Scottish Branch Manager

The website political betting may lead you to assume that it is there to give a balanced view of the political climate  and analyse polling  for instance to give punters some advice.

But its reaction to the elrction of Jim Murphy as Labours Branch Manager in Scotland might lead some to look elsewhere before placing their cash ,

Mike Smithson the author uses Murphy's first tweet to set the unionist agenda

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Mike Smithson writes

like the way in his first Tweet Murphy has shaped the battle with the SNP – is the prize a fairer Scotland or Independence. It’s a powerful message but he and his party are a long way behind.Given the polling there’s a huge burden on his shoulders and Labour must be hoping that he can turn the situation round. Every seat that Scottish LAB can claw back reduces the target for the party in England and Wales.Let’s hope there is some new post-Murphy election Scottish polling.
What makes me think he hopes that it will a swing back to Labour.

But on that Tweet Murphy may have already put  himself on dodgy ground.

There is no Indication that Labour in London will reverse the coalition policies. 

The only commitment against asturity comes from Plaid,SNP and Greens.

A fairer Scotland and Wales can only come when we reject the established Westminster Partiesof  whatever colour (Though they all seem to be blue these days ) and seek  Independence not for the sake of it but because its the only wat we can achive it,

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