Thursday, 4 December 2014

Hunt the Slipper.

I'm surprised that there has not been more coverage  of  Shadow Education Secretary (for England) Tristram Hunt who "joked"of his fear that he could be moved to the Wales Office if Labour have to share power after the next election.
a light-hearted remarks at an event with broadcaster Kirsty Wark, he described the telephone conversation he dreads receiving Labour leader Ed Miliband.He said: “What I’m really scared of, Kirsty, is that terrifying telephone call from Ed Miliband which says, ‘Tristram, you’ve done, you know, really well in your post as Shadow Education Secretary. We think you’ve really sort of pushed the agenda. But as you know we didn’t quite get the result we want and, you know, we think, you know, you’d be very good in the Welsh Office relative to, you know, whoever we’re working with - the Liberal Democrats.’”
Ms Wark responded: “Oh, I hope there are no Welsh people in the room
 However,  it seems Mr Hunt maybe realising  has slipped up was to tell the audience he expected Labour would win the May election.

He said:

 “[We] will have a working majority of 11 and the reason we will do that is that this is the first parliament since the 1920s where standards of living have fallen over the course of the parliament and people are £1,600 worse off a year and people do not think this recovery is working for them.”
It was left to that mysterious entity  "a spokesman" To say that Mr Hunt insisted that he had no dislike of Wales and that the “point he was making is he wants to stay in the education brief”.
I am fully aware that the position of Welsh Secretary even before devolution was regarded as the lowest in the cabinet . If the Prime Minister is First amongst Equals it does not include the  Man or Women appointed to represent Welsh Interests in the Government or is it the Governments interests in Wales.?
And  also agree with those who argue that the position of Welsh Secretary together with his or hers Northern Irish and Scottish counterparts should be merged in to a Minister for the devolved Nations (not regions mind) and the saving shared amongst the legislatures.

But i can't help feeling that since The post of Secretary of State for Wales came into existence on 17 October 1964, the first incumbent being Jim Griffiths, MP for Llanelli who campaigned for it and wanted the job. Even amongst Welsh Labour MPs the cry of "Oh no not Wales " went through thier heads as saw thier vision of being a major player around the Table dashes

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