Saturday, 18 October 2014

Towyn on Conwy Byelection result

There was a Byelection on Towyn on Conwy (Con Defence)


Laura Knightly Conservative 143 (25%),(Elected)
 Michael David Smith Independent  116 (20%)
 David Keneth Johnson Independent (Johnson) (18%), 
Beverky Ann Pickard Jones Labour 98 (17%), 
Barry Douglas Griffiths Independent 69 (12%),
Geofreey Davis Correy  Independent 43 (8%)

Conservative HOLD with a majority of 27 (5%)
Total Independent vote: 332 (58%)

The seat was uncontested in 2012 when  William John Charles Knightly Con was elected.

If ever there was an a argument for STV then a election where the winning candidate won with 25% of the vote is a powerful one

The result makes no change in the political makeup of the Council  with no Party or Independent Grouping able to gain a majority election after election.

  • Independent 19
  • Conservative 13
  • Plaid Cymru 12
  • Labour 10
  • Liberal Democrats 4
  • Vacant seats 1
So no earthquake here no Plaid candidate and surprisingly no Ukip candidarte in a seat where the demographics may have ben ideal for them

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