Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Forget the Silk Commission we have moved on.

The problem we in Wales face in seeking  real devolution powers can be seen by the attitude of the main Unionist Party that appears to be most enthusiastic for it.

Legislation which could make “home rule” for Wales a reality should be published at the same time as the measures for Scotland, according to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.The Liberal Democrat leader called on party leaders in Wales to speak with one voice in order to put pressure on the London-based Government to deliver the transfer of new powers.
But this is not parity with Scotland  not a slice of the Devolution Cake but more crumbs of the Table.

Indeed  it is merely offering  less powers than the Scottish Parliament has at present and indeed less powers than English MPs would have under English Votes for English Laws (Evel)

He said: 
“When we deliver what is in effect home rule, here, for Scotland within the United Kingdom I think we should aspire to deliver home rule to Wales.”
But what does that mean? I doubt that it will mean that the Liberal Democrats 2015 Manifesto will offer Wales the same powers as Scotland but we wil see.

Applauding the party’s record on pushing forward the recommendations of the two Silk Commission report on further powers for Wales, he said: 

We’ve delivered pretty well all of Silk 1. I was the first party leader to say that as a party I think we should commit to delivering all of Silk 2.
Cleggs Piece seems to have displaced his Welsh Leader La Pasionaria on Wales Online but Kirsty Williams to appears join in this vague promise 

According to ther BBC report The Wales party leader said Scottish ambitions for home rule, which she stressed they must gain, could not be achieved without meeting those of Wales, Northern Ireland and England.

"We are four nations distinct with our own ambitions, our own needs and our own outlook,"  "All these nations need a place at the table.
"We need a federal solution in which all four nations are equal partners in charge of their own destiny, as part of one united family - and now is the time to do it.
"The referendum must be a lesson that people across the UK want more of a say over their future.
"We must show them that change is coming, independence can't be their only option."
However why does she go back to Silk?

 She challenged other parties to sign up to the Silk Commissionrecommendations on further powers for Wales.
: " I challenge them all to do as Nick Clegg has done and sign up to the Silk Commission's recommendations - so that Wales can speak as one voice.
"Wales must have a proper parliament. One that reflects the will of the people. One that has the powers to make a difference. One that shows that devolution really can work.
Start QuoteWe are four nations distinct with our own ambitions, our own needs and our own outlook”Kirsty Williams AM"Our message to the people of Wales is clear: A vote for the Liberal Democrats will be a vote for Wales to have a real say over its destiny."
 "Since the days of Lloyd George, Liberals have been the party of Home Rule. And I believe it's closer than it has ever been for a generation."
As I said why go back to Sil? iI the Scottish referendum changed everything then Silk is dead because we have gone beyond that and the Liberal Democrats and the other Unionist parties know.

Concentrating on Silk will be a distraction now sitting at the table as La Pasionaria wants is pointless if we only accept crumbs.

Equal partners sounds like parity with Scotland to me  so why can't Clegg or La Pasionaria say so.

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