Saturday, 4 October 2014

Labour's Hegemony in Wales hokd in LLandaff North.

Despite all its trials and tribulations Lqabour still seem yo have total hegemony in Cardiff  havand despite a number of Byelections since their 2012 Landslide not lost one  seat.

They easily held Llandaff North on Thursday.

Llandaff North on Cardiff (Labour Defence)

Labour 898 (50% -2%)
 Llandaff North Independents 419 (23% -1%), 
UKIP 204 (11%)
Conservatives 136 (8% +5%)
Liberal Democrats 134 (7% -9%
Labour HOLD with a majority of 479 (27%) on a swing of 0.5% from Labour to Llandaff North Independents#]

Result of ward at last election (2012): Emboldened denotes elected
Labour 1,2441,156 (52%)
Llandaff North Independents 607, 507 (24%)
Liberal Democrats 375, 356 (16%)
Conservatives 154 (3%)
Plaid Cymru 141 (3%)
Greens 101 (2%)

Wales Online seem to have relied on a Labour Press release so have a sick bag ready if you want to read thier account.

The election came about  whenSiobhan Corria formally resigned her seat as a councillor for Llandaff North – but denied her decision stemmed from a problem with leader Phil Bale or his group.
She said: 
I have been unhappy for a long time in the Labour party. It is nothing to do with the Labour group or the leadership.”Ms Corria said had spoken to Welsh Labour’s general secretary David Hagendyk several times on issues over the “culture, attitude and sexism within the Labour party” but claimed he had “failed to act”.
She said there was now 
“too much internal politics” within the party.
Ms Corria, who was first elected in 2012, said: “I don’t want to represent a party that is happy to smear its own members.
“There’s a failure to act and I’m tired now. I have got children to bring up and you’ve got to prioritise what makes you happy.”

With such controversy you would expect Labour to be in trouble with the electorate by now.

It must be perplexing for the opposition parties  especially the Liberal Democrats who previously run the council.

Plaid failed to put up a candidate but Llandaff North is not fertile area for them.

If Labour can't be disloged in Cardiff after all its internal problems the future looks bleak for all the opposition Paries in Wales.

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