Thursday, 2 October 2014

Devo Max in our time as likely as the Munich Agreement.

Am I alone in thinking the ravelling  of "The Vow" so much vaunted by the Unionist  papers especially  the Daily Record in Scotland and another agreement  in 1938
Devo Max in our Time

Peace in our time.

Indeed it could be that the politician who has been credited with swinging the NO vot may find that he loses al credibility not long after as Nevile Chamberlain was to find out.

Former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called for 100,000 Scots to sign a petition urging Westminster to keep promises on devolution.
100.000 is a pathetic target but who would sign a petition to give credibility to a politician who joined with the Tories  and then acts surprised to find they can't be trusted.
Not only the Tories.  Ed Miliband has hardly come out as a enthusiasts for Devo Max and the Labour conference was rather muted on the  matter.
Mr Brown said there should be "no strings attached" to promises of more powers for Scotland.
And he claimed Conservative plans to devolve income tax were a "trap" which could result in Scottish MPs losing the right to vote on UK income tax..
Alex Salmond described the Labour MP's comments as "astonishing".
The outgoing SNP leader and first minister said Mr Brown was "calling for guarantees on the delivery of something which he himself said during the referendum campaign was already a done deal".
Brown's attempts to shift Blame solely on the Tories looks like an attempt for him to claim that he was  duped like many NO voters, but he was Prime Minister of the UK for god sake he  knew when he in the latter days if the campaign when he became the face of "The Vow" for the NO campaign that Cameron couldn't be trusted (or indeed Miliband").
Brown once described himself as an ex politician  maybe Bro like Chamberlain before him should slip into obscure retirement. He owes the people of Scotland that.

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