Friday, 17 October 2014

Ceredigion leader Ellen ap Gwynn needs to heard on NHS funding.

The Plaid Cymru leader of Ceredigion Ellen ap Gwynn called for the public spending watchdog to look "in detail" at how the seven boards spend their money.
She said it was "disgraceful" that councils had lost almost £200m with "little notice" to "bail out health boards" in the Welsh government budget.
Ministers denied the NHS had gained funding at the expense of councils.

The BBC says that
Ms ap Gwynn urged the assembly's Finance Committee to send "a clear message" to the Wales Audit Office (WAO) about the need for an investigation into how boards manage their finances.This week, Auditor General Huw Vaughan Thomas called for an urgent and far-reaching debate on how much the Welsh government could afford to spend on the NHS.Last month, the Welsh government's draft budget for 2015-16 allocated an extra £425m to the health service over the next two years.But £192m was cut from Welsh ministers' total local government budget for 2015-16, and they announced last week that the money directly paid to the 22 local authorities in their block grants would fall by £146m.
Ms ap Gwynn hopefully wil not be dismissed outright .

Its beginning to be worrying when it seems to be impossible not to increase spending on the NHS year in  years out .

This may sound odd coming from a Blog claiming to be on the Progressive Left especially one who this Year had a serious Operation followed by another say in hospital and who has had numerous visits to clinics and faces many more.

But so long as Health boards feel that they can rely on Politicians to increase spending fearing Political suicide if they don't. There will be no incentive to see our they can be more effective.and save money whilst maintaining or even improving services.

The Welsh Government and all the other Parties have to look hard this.

As long as we are in a robbing Peter to pay Paul where Peter is always the NHS it will not consider reform.

 This week Labour, Conservatives, Plaid Cymru and Liberal Democrats in the Assembly. with Proposals for further devolution to Wales.

Maybe they should also agree on the current system of all calling for money to be spent on the NHS and find a way to seekingh how it can become better

But there seems to be little chance of this happening

Ellen ap Gwynn will probably be a loan voice  but the least we can do is listen to what she says.

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  1. Agree - the NHS is becoming somekind o diety. The waste is huge - waste in food, waste in patients not turning up for appointments, waste in people being treated for injuries and health related problems which they should, as adults. sort out themselves.

    I look after my health - don't smoke, barely drink, make an effort to walk to work, don't eat junkfood, nor takeaways (can't afford it), don't drink fizzy drinks. Sure, I'm going to end up in hospital sometime and possibly from some avoidable misfortune but at the moment I'm subsidising people who make no effort to look after themselves.

    Time to freeze NHS budget. Less hopitals in Glamorgan would save money .