Friday, 3 October 2014

At Last an Honourable Welsh Poltician (Maybe).

One of the themes of Arthur Koestler, Darkness at Noon is that The Pary is always right and if you voice misgivings over certain policy even if you subsequently enthusiastically support it . You will remain suspect.
It leads to appalling dystopian nightmare where loyal Party workers are purged for being suspect.

So I am not as critical as others when it emerged that Two former environment ministers have criticised Welsh government plans for an M4 relief road south of Newport.

I have always considered on of the two to be one of our most Honourable AM whilst the other seems to be a cynical opportunist . I'll leave you to work out which one.

Labour AMs Alun Davies and John Griffiths spoke out during an assembly debate tabled by Plaid Cymru.

Mr Davies said the Welsh government had taken "the wrong decision" that did not reflect Labour Party "commitments" and called for the plans to be re-examined.

But Transport Minister Edwina Hart said "careful consideration" had been given to "all the available options".

As natural resources minister Mr Davies was responsible for environment policy until he was sacked in July.

He said
: ''"I'm not an instinctive anti-roads person or somebody who believes that roads should not be built."However, I do believe that we need to take these decisions after due consideration and openly and as a consequence of debates and discussions that take place both within individual parties, but also within this place and within the committees of this place."commitments we've made as a Labour Party".

He said the Welsh government itself had described the Gwent levels wetlands as an essential migration route for wildlife.

It may be that Labour AMs have woken up to the disquiet over the decision. Particularly when it appears there Ms Hart seems to have ignored much of the evidence.

 Plaid Cymru withdrew from the talks on the Welsh Budjet this year in protest at plans to build the M4 relief road to the south of Newport.

The Liberal Democrats are also opposed to the M4 relief road, but their backing of the budjet deal confirms the existing Welsh government position that construction would not start before the 2016 assembly elections.

But it hasn't been planed before 2017 anyway

Labour do not have a majority in the Assembly so it his may reflec this Alun Davies who despite his sting criticicism said...
"I will be supporting the government in the voting this afternoon but I wish to make it clear that I do not support the government in this decision.

So he was opposed to the decision but stii supported it rather than support a Plaid motion.

Still at least he voiced his concerns after all he's a honorable man or was that John Griffiths I was writing about?

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