Monday, 6 May 2013

Peter Black On Welsh Elections? No Cat Café in London.

I  thought I'd have a look at what a Peter Black would take  on last weeks local government elections?

Peter Black six years of trivia mixed with occasional insights

So what has Peter  been Blogging about since Thursday.

A thoughtful Piece on Friday on his concerns about a private company targeting the Swansea area with the single measles vaccine and in particular the fact that their website continues to link MMR with autism despite that fact that there is no evidence for that claim.  Which is well worth reading. 

Om Saturday  he was telling us The Daily Post "carries an interesting article today about a particularly embarrassing gaffe on the part of contractors at the headquarters of Flintshire County Council. It transpires that in marking out spaces for Councillors in the car park they spelt the word with only one" '.

On Sunday he  did mention that Thursday's local election results "may have been difficult for the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats and a triumph for UKIP (no matter how over-hyped at the time and since) " but concentrated on Labour spending plans.

Today he regales us with a story about  Britain's first cat café is set to open in London

Now there's nothing wrong with a bit of  occasional trivia  amongst the doom and gloom, but for a senior Welsh politician to fail to mention the results in the elections held in Wales.

Peter fails to report on the Liberal Democrats stunning success on wining one seat on Anglesey.

But seeing that the Association of Liberal Democrat Councilors had named him as their contact point for the  Llangewedd and Brynhyfryd by election in Bridgend he doesn't seem to have time to tell us the result.

Number of votes recorded
Pleidleisiau a fwriwyd
(Elected: (E) ) (Etholwyd: (E) )
NAME / ENW Description / Disgrifiad


Welsh Liberal Democrat



Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales





LEWIS Clare Joyce

Welsh Conservative Party Candidate


SMITH Charles Emrys

Welsh Labour/Llafur Cymru


He could have commented on Plaid coming last and comparing that with Anglesey claiming that Plaid don't tel us bad election results. But Peter doesn't seem to want to tel us anything about Welsh Elections.

We can only await his next Blog for his next insight into the politics of our nation with baited breath.


  1. maen_tramgwydd6 May 2013 at 11:13

    I did post a comment on his blog which mentioned the very point you're making, but Peter, as more often than not, despite his comment guidelines, does not publish unfavourable comments.

    Oddly enough, I've heard that BetterTogetherUK on Facebook are censoring pro-independence comments, and blocking those who post them from making further comments. It seems unionists prefer censorship to open, honest and democratic debates.

    The truth to me is that the UK sucks, and has done so for a very long time.

  2. good point, contrast that with Tory MP Glyn Davies blog whose been blogging on the elections and the UKIP threat to this party all weekend.

    Lib Dems are a duplicitous bunch and I struggle to see why they remain popular with anyone. All
    Peter Black is doing is following his colleagues lead across the UK, they have all kept a very low profile since Thursday's election results.