Friday, 3 May 2013

Labour turn to Torygraph for Unionist claptrap.

The Torygraph  (as Private eye always cal the Telegraph) has come up wit the news that 

 The United Kingdom could be viewed on the world stage as a “power in irreversible decline” if Scotland votes for independence next year, a report by senior MPs has warned today.

They say

The Commons Foreign Affairs Committee concluded that even the Special Relationship with the US could be harmed if a separate Scotland makes good its threat to remove the Trident nuclear deterrent from its waters.Countries hostile to the UK would also seek to exploit the damage to Britain’s reputation and “soft power”, the report said, for example by lobbying for the UK to no longer be permanent member of the UN Security Council.The UK’s influence in the EU would also be eroded, the committee said, although the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) could limit the fallout from a ‘yes’ vote by starting to brief other countries now about the impact.However, the study also warned Scots that independence would not mean them having more weight on the world stage, even going as far as calling the concept of a separate Scottish foreign policy a “misnomer”.They would be forced to tailor their actions to suit the British as they would remain dependent on the rest of the UK (RUK) for their security and intelligence, the MPs said.

  Simon Johnson, Scottish Political Editor Daily Telegraph May 1st 2013

The Torygraph of course  and a large number of Unionist Mps still believes that Britain ( They would prefer that to the UK) still had a Empire, and wasn't a member of the EU therefore having absolutely no influence in Europe.

The report continues

Despite the rest of the UK being viewed internationally as the “continuing state”, the MPs concluded that “some degree of reputational damage is inevitable”.
In particular, “RUK’s relationship with its key allies and traditional defence partners, including its privileged relationship with the US” would be scrutinised and reviewed.
The harm would be particularly significant if the remainder of the UK did not maintain the Trident nuclear deterrent, which experts have warned would be extremely difficult to move from Scotland.
Any deterioration in such relationships “could serve to fuel the views of some states that the RUK was a power in irreversible decline,” the MPs concluded.

 Simon Johnson, Scottish Political Editor Daily Telegraph  1st May 2013

"RUK" ? Is that what the Unionist think the new state of England, Wales and Northern Ireland should be called.?

There is no special relationship between the UK and USA its simply that of a Owner and thier poodle . They may be reasonably  fond of their pet but would take sown the Vet to put it down and get a new one . Without too many tears.

The Torygraph sems to  appointed itself the voice of the Unionist  as it reports today )May 3rd) that

SNP 'set on smearing opponents in independence debate'

Douglas Alexander, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, will accuse the Nationalists of engaging in the “systematic denigration of fellow Scots” by treating them as personal “enemies” instead of political opponents.He will cite the “hate-filled outpouring” directed at Susan Calman, a Scottish comedian who received death threats and vile abuse on the internet this week after mocking the referendum during a radio appearance.However, Mr Alexander will argue that this “politics of personal destruction” extends beyond the army of so-called ‘Cybernats’, who dish out insults online, to the SNP’s most senior figures.

  Simon Johnson, Scottish Political Editor Daily Telegraph  3rd May 2013

Perhaps the Headline should read:

Wasp accuses Bee of Stinging  Him.

It does rather look like the Unionist  are in the words of the immortal Willie John MCbride "getting thy retaliation in first.

Yes there may have been some appalling behavior by some nutters on the Unionist side including the idiotic attacks on Susan Calman . "But how many Scottish Nationalist and Yes supporters have been attacked in a similar vein.

If Douglas Alexander is to accuse the SNP of being responsible for these attacks . Does he accept that Better Together are responsible for similar comments from the Unionist side.

Whose smearing who?

Perhaps he should also look at where his major support his coming from and the irony of  Labour Shadow Minister being so well reported in the Torygraph?

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